Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge: Bringing Entertainment to the Metaverse

June 28 02:32 2022

1ATH.Studio, the creator of trending utility metaverse project – IggyBoy, recently announced the launch of the “Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge” as a prequel of their entertainment metaverse. This exciting project is about to hit the metaverse by storm. The launch of the “Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge” will allow entertainers to know each other better and make a hub of potential metaverse performers. “Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge” will be followed by an actual live event that will happen later, where IggyBoy holders, DJs, dancers, the challenge community, and the Iggy team can meet and hang out. 


Win $15,000 cash and NFT prizes in the Challenge giveaway: https://bit.ly/iggy-cash  

It is no surprise that 1ATH.Studio has taken the initiative to launch the “Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge” at a time when virtual entertainment is the next big deal in the metaverse. The entertainment metaverse is a new ground that needs to be populated soon before it’s too late. Via the “Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge,” artists and performers can be assured of active participation by becoming stakeholders in this entertainment space before all the niches are taken. As it applies to all crypto-space projects, being an early bird gives you an edge over others. In a similar vein, the “Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge,” offers participants the opportunity to become stars in the metaverse, provided they join early.

The “Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge” will be in two categories, as holders can apply either as a dancer or as a DJ. With about $15,000 total pool prize and another $30,000 prize as a marketing budget award for the winners in the categories, IggyBoy holders and participants willing to join the Iggy Community will get handsome rewards for their efforts. The challenge participants will also enjoy other benefits such as social media marketing for their brands and the opportunity to feature in the live event with real-time DJs and dancers. To participate in this challenge, dancers must make a dance video of the IggyBoy soundtrack as a dancer or make a remix of the IggyBoy soundtrack as a DJ. 


Win $15,000 cash and NFT prizes in the Challenge giveaway: https://bit.ly/iggy-cash 

In the “Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge, everybody is a winner. There are rewards for the top 10 participants as they would be going home with various prizes based on the total number of votes gained on our social media platform and votes from IggyBoy holders.

With the Iggy Community growing at a rapid rate, this is an opportunity for talented artists, entertainment metaverse residents, and others in the social media space to comfortably switch to building their metaverse presence by owning their entertainment centers, fun hubs, clubs, fan clubs, exhibitions, showrooms, and merch shops. A part of the future life in the metaverse is the entertainment event space. 1ATH.Studio aims to provide talented artists the chance to be part of this life-changing moment in this virtual event space via the “Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge.”

In a statement from the Iggy Team, “Iggy can’t wait to know the metaverse community of his future digital entertainment world (the vUniversum), where they are going to dance, mix soundtracks, play music, watch videos, shop for merch, date, and get to know each other better.” Why wait? Join the Challenge community today, participate in the “Iggy Dance & DJ Competition as a voter,” and enjoy amazing content produced by participants!

About IggyBoy

IggyBoy is a new, hot and exclusive metaverse utility project that offers holders the chance to become shareholders in the upcoming game and give them a stake in the metaverse world. IggyBoy, created by 1ATH.Studio, a brand with broad experience in blockchain, gaming, and the entertainment ecosystem, is a rare and unique piece of digital art manually created to increase its value by its creative and talented 3D designers. 

IggyBoy has been a huge success with wide acceptance in the metaverse and crypto world. Even though its release is recent, IggyBoy has made massive waves on the metaverse. From fun lab to the royalty pool where holders can earn passive income, IggyBoy has redefined the metaverse space.

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