The Government of India provides a five-year Visa for those who want to make frequent visits and an emergency Visa for urgent requirements

June 28 03:21 2022

Government India provides long-term Visa with five-year validity for foreign citizens who want to visit India multiple times. Emergency Visa is also available, which can be useful to people who want to enter India for any urgent reason.

It is a must for all foreign citizens to have an Indian Visa to enter the country. There are different types of e-Visas for different purposes, which the applicant can choose based on their purpose of visit. The three main visas are Tourist e-Visa, Business e-Visa, and medical e-Visa. All these e-Visas come with different validity periods and can be easily applied via Citizens from other countries can complete their application here, by filling out the application form with the necessary details.

5-year Indian Visa

Tourist Visa comes with long-term validity of five years. They also offer one year and 30 days validity. Those people who want to visit India frequently for different purposes can apply for this Visa. This Visa allows them to enter the country multiple times until the Visa validity. Even though the Visa validity is five years, an individual can only stay in the country for 90 days. An extra advantage is given to citizens of the United States, the UK, Canada, and Japan. People from these countries can continuously stay for up to 180 days until the term. Indian 5-year tourist Visa can be used to make a trip for recreation or sightseeing and to visit friends, families, and relatives. Foreign citizens can also attend a short-term yoga program, using this e-Visa.

Urgent emergency Indian Visa

E-Visa for an emergency is given to those foreign citizens, who want to visit India for any urgent requirements. Emergency Indian Visa can be used in case of the demise of family members or cherished ones, to go to court for any lawful purpose, and if family members or a cherished one is experiencing serious illness. When compared with an ordinary Visa application, an emergency Visa will be received earlier, within 1 to 3 working days. The major benefit of an emergency Visa is that; it will be handled, even on weekends. Since it is obtained earlier, the applicant will have to pay a high fee for this Visa application. An individual who is planning to apply for an emergency Visa should submit the necessary proof. If invalid proofs are provided, the applicant will not receive an emergency e-Visa.

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