Tropical Hawaiian Tours Launches A New Free 1-Hour Walking Tour Of The Waikiki Area.

June 28 10:12 2022

Tropical Hawaiian Tours, LLC, founded by Luz Pallarescal, recently announced that they would be providing free 1-hour walking tours of the Waikiki area on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10 a.m. 

Tropical Hawaiin Tours LLC was founded by Luz Pallares to create a variety of entertaining and engaging tours that visitors may take to enjoy themselves while also gaining knowledge about Hawaii from a tour guide who lives there. The complimentary version of our tour is offered on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:00 am, and is led by local tour guides as well as local volunteers from our community. The tour will take the visitors to all significant areas, including the Honolulu Zoo, which is the first stop and starting point of the tour, followed by Queen’s Beach, Waikiki Wall, Dukes Statues, Kapaemahu Healing Stones, Hawaii 5-0 & HPD, Prince Kuhio Statue, and Prince Kuhio Beach, as well as many other locations. 

You can reserve an available time slot at :

In addition, they provide a significant number of other paid trips, and previous clients have praised the quality of service. They offer a variety of tours, such as the Private Tour of Mermaid Caves & West Oahu with Ka’ena Point Hike and Swim, the Walking Tour in Waikiki (1 hour), Pearl Harbor, the National Ceremony of the Pacific and Historical Sites of Honolulu, and many, many more tours. These tours can be categorized as family, city, private, guided, walking, and so on. 

All of their clients have showered them with their love, giving them five-star reviews. 

One customer said, “The tour guide was amiable, informative, and knowledgeable. Service was great! I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Oahu”. Another customer added, “I have never really enjoyed the typical tours, but these guys were great! It felt more like they were sharing something with me than just reading off a script to a bunch of strangers. The guide interacted with us and was thoughtful of what we wanted to see and be a part of. Once, they even turned around so I could buy fruit from a vendor that we had passed. If you want a piece of Hawaii without the monotony of a big company just taking you for your money, I would highly recommend Tropical Hawaiian Tours as the best option.”

On speaking to the media, Luz Pallares (founder, Tropical Hawaiian Tours,LLC) said, “It was a struggle for me to find my passion and grow. My love for the culture and its richness inspired me to establish Tropical Hawaiian Tours”. She further added, “Customer service is our #1 priority. We are a fantastic team of tour guides that are committed to providing the best customer service possible to our visitors.”

The passion that Luz Pallarescal has for Hawaiian culture inspired her to launch an extremely comprehensive blog that is geared toward Hawaii fans and people who enjoy traveling. Reading this blog allows you to obtain all of the relevant information. To find out more, please visit their website or follow them on instagram.

About Tropical Hawaiian Tours, LLC. 

Tropical Hawaiian Tours, LLC was founded by Luz Pallares with the desire to make a variety of fun interactive tours where people could enjoy and learn about Hawaii from a local tour guide.

Luz Pallares, the founder of Tropical Hawaiian Tours, LLC, wanted to create a range of entertaining, interactive tours where visitors could learn about Hawaii from a native tour guide while having a great time. Luz is an orphan herself, so she knows all too well the hardships that come with that. A considerable percentage of the revenues from Tropical Hawaiian Tours, LLC are donated to orphans. Having fun with a purpose is what she’s all about.

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