Independent financial advisor helps clients mitigate risk through tactical portfolios and strategy diversification.

July 25 14:54 2022

Omaha based financial advisor, Jeff Ingraham, has developed a strategy over the years to guide pre-retirees and retirees toward effective and efficient stewardship of their financial resources.

Jeff Ingraham and his team believe that tactical portfolio management and strategy diversification will give investors the greatest opportunity to realize compounded interest over time. Maintaining a stable portfolio is the goal, and this is achieved by adapting the portfolio holdings to benefit from any market environment.

“Our investment philosophy hinges on capturing as much upside opportunity as possible while endeavoring to avoid large drawdowns given specific risk objectives. Significant losses during retirement can have catastrophic consequences on the portfolio’s ability to generate needed income to support living expenses,” says Mr. Ingraham. Losing forty or fifty percent of a portfolio’s value is a setback for investors in their thirties or forties. If a retiree loses that much, it’s not just a setback—it will significantly compromise the portfolio’s ability to generate needed retirement income. The loss puts the retiree at risk of running out of money too early.

A very common challenge for pre-retirees and retirees is making the transition from the growth and accumulation phase to the income and distribution part of their retirement. Large drawdowns during retirement can create significant emotional and relational stress. After such a loss, retirees may have to start making difficult decisions that may include going back to work or cutting back on lifestyle. In addition, healthcare costs can create significant pressure on a retiree’s portfolio. According to a report by HealthView Services, a healthy 65-year old couple can expect to spend more than $387,000 for retirement healthcare costs, not including long-term care.1 Managing healthcare costs is vital to maintain the health of the overall portfolio

Mr. Ingraham’s investment philosophy is tailored to embrace risk management and to endeavor to avoid sizable losses. These two principals are crucial for a successful retirement plan. A strategy that utilizes tactical money management for a portion of the portfolio in addition to placing some funds in a buy and hold position is key to achieving these goals. Using both approaches help to reduce risk and volatility in the portfolio. Tactical money management helps balance the portfolio because it is strategic and can actively manage assets to mitigate risks while still taking advantage of growth opportunities. Managing healthcare costs is an additional tool to maintain financial health, and it is an area that should not be overlooked.

“The planning process for each individual or couple must take a holistic approach,” Mr. Ingraham states.  “Managing risk and planning for retirement income while also utilizing social security optimization and managing healthcare costs are all necessary elements to the planning process.”

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