Fast, convenient, and professional mobile COVID testing: COVIDCheckToday is bringing Coronavirus testing closer

July 26 17:57 2022
Mobile Covid-19 testing anywhere! COVIDCheckToday administers the Travel RT- PCR and Rapid Antigen Test at home, event, or business.

Covid Check Today is making it possible for people to get tested for Covid-19 anywhere. The home COVID testing company offers fast, convenient, and professional mobile Covid testing services in the US.

Covid-19 snuck up on the world and left it in shambles, forcing people to adapt to a new way of life. The highly infectious disease has been a menace that has robbed many people of their lives, sources of income, and even social lives. With mandatory testing introduced for people returning to work, attending events, traveling, and much more, CovidCheckToday is making it possible to get the test done anywhere.


Dr. Michel Choueiri is helping save lives by making Covid 19 testing available, bringing it closer to people’s homes, businesses and events. He explains that the company is dedicated to ensuring that people receive the best care wherever they are. During an episode of the Action and Ambition podcast, Dr. Choueiri explains how Covid Check Today came to be and why it is essential in the current landscape.

The at-home Covid testing company offers Various types of tests. The Rapid Antigen Covid-19 test targets proteins expressed on the virus; the RT-PCR Test is the Gold Standard in PCR testing and video monitoring that administers virtual COVID tests and sends a report with the patient’s results.

Once testing is done by qualified professionals, the results are emailed immediately after they are available. Depending on the type of test administered, the duration varies, from 10 minutes for the rapid test to 24-48 hours for an RT-PCR test. “We also offer same-day expedited processing in case of emergency.” CovidCheckToday works with medical assistants and registered nurses with extensive experience administering Coronavirus tests. 

When results are negative, the professionals at the mobile COVID testing company advise patients to continue following guidelines. When someone tests positive, Covid Check Today encourages a virtual follow-up with one of its physicians to review the results and symptoms and craft a comprehensive Covid-19 care plan.

To schedule an appointment with CovidCheckToday, people simply need to register online and select their preferred time. A medical assistant is dispatched to administer the test from home, work, or wherever the person indicated. 


“Our Covid testing service is fully scalable and can be tailored to support all your large events, from sports & arts to business conferences. Covid Check Today is currently servicing the Greater San Diego Area, Los Angeles, Orange County California, Denver Colorado, Las Vegas Nevada, and Miami Florida.”

Zappy Health is up and running in San Diego, but we are trying to expand our services to other areas as well. Under Zappy Health’s umbrella, we are providing services like:

–  Mobile Urgent Care (Headache, UTI, Pregnancy tests, STDs)
–  STD at-home Lab Testing

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