Real Jelly Co. has revealed plans for a flagship non-fungible token (NFT) hub that will make the trend accessible to everyone

July 29 19:39 2022

Non-fungible means something is unique and so can’t be replaced with something else. NFTs can be anything digital, such as drawings and music, but a lot of the excitement is around using the technology to sell digital art.

Now Real Jelly Co. wants people to be part of its marketplace called Marketz – and is currently accepting users to join its community early access program.

The new platform will bring together collectors, artists and fans, providing them with tools and services that can help them launch an NFT collection without much technical know-how.

Real Jelly Co., stated, “We are cultivating a thriving group of NFT creators, collectors, and enthusiasts to build our community of Jellies.

“Early Access members will get to try out new features as they are built and guide us as we develop our flagship Marketz and other future Web3 and Blockchain technologies.

“Currently users are able to connect their wallet from their desktop computer’s web browser or using Phantom Wallet on their mobile device. They can then opt to sign up with their email to receive updates and early access to new features as part of the Early Access Program.”

The new platform is being developed with a community-centric approach at its core and users can sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date with the latest advancements.

Real Jelly Co. is a place where you will be able to easily create a project or collection with a variety of ownership options to suit your NFT project needs.

Those who sign up early will be able to vote for features they want to see developed first, on its unique interactive roadmap (

Developers, projects, and agencies seeking to collaborate or integrate with Real Jelly Co. can reach out to [email protected] for more information.

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