Hypno Health Solutions Offers Highly Effective, Result-Oriented Holistic Hypnotherapy Services in Virginia Beach

August 01 21:30 2022
Hypno Health Solutions Offers Highly Effective, Result-Oriented Holistic Hypnotherapy Services in Virginia Beach
Well-known for its effective treatments in Virginia Beach, the clinic aims to help people reverse toxic behaviors, leave addictions, and realize their purpose to lead a peaceful and fulfilled life.

Life is full of ebbs and flows, making even those with a strong will, high achievements, and established lives feel lost or depressed. However, there are ways to work with and ease the negative emotions that these ups and downs yield and improve one’s overall well-being. Hypno Health Solutions, a leading provider of highly effective, result-oriented holistic hypnotherapy services in Virginia Beach, offers various treatments to help individuals overcome challenges and live a life filled with happiness, health, and success.

Cathie Cain, the founder of Hypno Health Solutions, is a certified clinical and transpersonal Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotist who has transformed and improved the lives of many through safe holistic hypnotherapeutic processes.

Cathie’s advanced techniques allow her clients to tap into their own depths, realizing their true potential and harnessing the energy required to achieve their goals, which can be anything from leaving a bad habit to gaining a positive mindset.

“We use the safe and natural art of the hypnotic trance state to help our clients release and reprogram the self-defeating key points in their minds to find relief from unwanted habits, beliefs, and behaviors. Hypnosis is an amazingly effective tool for retaining clarity and making important life decisions. My energetic hypnotherapeutic process is a heart-centered trans-personal experience of self-discovery and healing far-reaching all areas of your life – Body, Mind & Soul.”

Cathie says, “One thing many people get wrong about hypnosis is they think it’s mind control, which repels them from something that could potentially have a positive impact on their lives. In fact, the definition of hypnosis says that it is a state which involves focused attention and enhanced capability to respond to acceptable suggestions. This state allows people to heighten their selective thinking, seeing past the jumbled-up thoughts and judgments that keep weighing down their minds daily. Hypnosis is a powerful tool to overcome stress, change habits, create a new positive mindset, and enjoy a healthy, happy life.”

Before each session, Cathie takes her time to educate her clients about the process from start to finish and what to expect. This way, the client is already aware of every step and stays relaxed throughout the season, plus she specializes in working with people who have a difficult time relaxing or quieting their minds through advanced induction processes. Since 2009, she has successfully helped many individuals successfully address issues like anxiety, depression, toxic behaviors, weight loss, smoking, as well as help them improve their choices and personal growth.

Cathie guides her clients to achieve what’s known as the Theta Brainwave, which is the state of consciousness everyone experiences right before sleeping. It’s in this state the client moves past self-defeating resistance of the conscious mind, and appropriate suggestions can be introduced into the subconscious mind to reprogram the old unwanted patterns for the desired outcome.

So, whether clients are looking for hypnotherapy in-person or via virtual video chat, Hypno Health Solutions has a proven track record for helping individuals reframe and reprogram their limiting beliefs safely and gently, allowing them to create the lives they desire.

To know more about Hypno Health Solutions’ services or to book a session with Cathie Cain, visit their websiteor call +1 757-720-4202.

About Hypno Health Solutions

Hypno Health Solutions is run by Cathie Cain, a Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotist, and lifelong practitioner. Cathie uses advanced holistic techniques that facilitate safe and natural subconscious breakthroughs, resulting in the release of obstacles that typically hold people back for years.

The Virginia Hypnosis clinic aims to use skilled, ethical, efficient hypnotherapeutic techniques, utilizing energy healing to guide individuals through a journey of transformation gently. Their advanced techniques will reprogram and eliminate old, unwanted destructive patterns into happiness, health, and wholeness patterns. If you are looking for hypnotherapy in Virginia Beach, VA call them for a free consultation. 

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