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August 01 22:03 2022

Teacher Ami, International English Teacher

Amizur Nachshoni, aka Teacher Ami, is an International English teacher. With more than ten years of teaching experience, he has worked with students of all ages, offline and online. In this article, Teacher Ami shares his experience teaching ESL students as part of TALMA.

People enter the teaching profession for a variety of reasons. The most common would be the desire to make a positive difference in the student’s life. Others may wish to follow in their parents’ footsteps or were influenced by a past teacher.

TALMA is an English-immersion program for elementary school children in Israel. The program brings together US-based volunteers and Israeli teachers who co-teach each class. TALMA allows American teachers to experience life in Israel while providing English classes to children in low-income neighborhoods. Read more about TALMA here.

Amizur Nachshoni and other teachers who participated in the program had the unique advantage of being immersed in Israeli society as well as the school. However, Amitzur Nachshoni is no stranger to living in a foreign country or being immersed in different cultures.

“Every place I have been to in my life, I learned the culture, the people, and tried to assimilate. This enables me to apply my knowledge and experience in every place I go.” – Amizur Nachshoni.

“It is impossible to truly express how unique TALMA is unless you have experienced it yourself,” says Amizur Nachshoni, aka Teacher Ami. “TALMA is a one-of-a-kind program and opportunity.”

This summer, Teacher Ami had the opportunity to co-teach alongside an American teacher. They created a lively and dynamic atmosphere. “There is no doubt that a special bond was formed between us and the children,” – Amizur Nachshoni. We learned and had fun together; we danced, sang, and laughed. The students had a positive experience while learning English.

This summer, Teacher Ami aims to concentrate on one thing: to enjoy watching the next generation grow and learn. “It warmed my heart to see the children joyfully show their families all of the English they had learnt. Their confidence surged, whether they were singing or speaking to their peers in English. Every student sought to engage in some way.” – Amizur Nachshoni.

As part of the program, students entering grades 4-6 gather for another month of experiential core studies, led by two teachers in each class-a local teacher and a teacher who comes voluntarily from abroad. It allows all students to progress equally in their English studies, thereby helping to reduce social gaps. Also, having the program in their homerooms strengthens the perception that “school” is a place for growth, fun, and meaningful experience and should not be identified with “tests and homework” only.

Some of the benefits of teaching with TALMA include:

1. A unique learning experience for students.

2. A professional development opportunity for Israeli teachers working in pairs with international teachers.

3. An experience in which foreign teachers strengthen ties with the State of Israel and Israeli society.

Teacher Ami urges educators who strive for excellence in their teaching, are adventurous, and want to make a difference in the lives of students to join his teaching journey.

At the end of the summer program, Teacher Ami said, “This was the most rewarding summer of my life, once again.”

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