Hiring platform Workkit on the future of on-demand hiring

August 02 17:51 2022
Workkit is a platform that uses intelligent matching to directly connect job seekers and employers.

While businesses are able to connect with consumers faster and more directly than ever due to technology, hiring remains burdensome for both employers and job seekers. These hiring challenges are exacerbated by the current labor shortage challenging the U.S. economy, but the economic cost of inefficient recruiting practices is neither new nor temporary. Recruiters and hiring professionals have long recognized the challenges of sourcing qualified applicants and the value of tools that help streamline the hiring process. 

Workkit is a new hiring platform that connects employers and applicants, tackling hiring inefficiencies by using AI to match workers and employers in real time. The Workkit signup process is straightforward for both applicants and employers, making it accessible not only for large enterprises but also small businesses. With platforms like Workkit, hiring managers can fill open positions in no time, ensuring that work never stops.

Workkit not only gives employers instant access to qualified talent, it also gives applicants full control of their career. The platform uses intelligent matching to instantly present applicants jobs they are qualified for, allowing them to apply to the jobs they are most interested in.  Employers can that quickly vet and hire the applicants via a cloud-based employer portal.

Crucially, Workkit goes beyond just facilitating the job offer. The automated features of the platform ensure that confirmation messages are sent to the applicant and employer regularly, reminding them of meetings, shifts, and other commitments. Workkit workers can earn badges for achievements and strong performance. Further, it is designed to be flexible, allowing employers to post longer-term recurring shifts and easily convert any interested worker into a full-time employee.

Workkit strives to create the best possible platform for both employers and employees. As CEO Matan Avidor put it, “Workkit is dedicated to building an intelligent platform that empowers applicants and hiring managers. We want everyone to be part of the growth of on-demand hiring, and our platform makes that possible.”

The ability for employees to develop skills and build a career on Workkit is a key part of the company’s mission.  Per co-founder Jacob Goldstein, “The majority of American workers will be part of the gig economy by 2027.  Current gig economy infrastructure was built to support employers’ seasonal peaks and enable workers to earn cash from side hustles.  It was not built to meet the demands of either employers seeking consistent performers or workers looking to build a long-term career.” 

Workkit offers a glimpse into the future of hiring. As the market for skilled hourly workers continues to grow, the AI-based on-demand hiring offered by Workkit will become the new gold standard for quick, efficient, and reliable hiring and job searches.

Visit the platform website to learn more about finding work and workers, among other solutions and features provided by Workkit.

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