Global virtual choir SING IN UNITY promotes positivity through music

August 02 18:09 2022
Comprised of members worldwide, SING IN UNITY aims to empower people to move forward together with more love, peace, tolerance, and unity.

SING IN UNITY is a virtual choir that has created a global community for people to connect, unify, and create and support peace. The chorus is led by Jenna, a Japanese music director and songwriter, and includes 265 people from 11 ethnicities. 

Jenna has more than 20 years of experience as a Christian choir director. She and her choir, GQ Family, started the non-profit SING IN UNITY project to promote positivity and empower people worldwide through music.

“Together, we are making new choir music that is open to everybody, all cultures, all races, and all religions,” Jenna said. “It’s all about love and unity.”

Formed in 2022, SING IN UNITY released its first single, “My Faith Has the Final Say,” in April. Its new release, “The Symphony,” came out in June and was written in response to the war on Ukraine. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Association for Aid and Relief (AAR), Japan’s refugee support program.

There are no entry forms, fees, or auditions to join; simply visit the choir’s Facebook group and leave a comment. In addition, the group is open to all experience levels, religions, races, and sexual orientations.

A legacy of bringing people together

Jenna’s original choir, GQ Family, is one of Japan’s most prominent gospel music schools and has more than 2,000 members. In 2015, she organized and co-produced a 1,000-voice recording project of the Japan Mass Choir for its single “Powerful,” which charted at number three on the Billboard Gospel Chart. 

In 2019, Jenna moved to New Zealand and founded an international gospel choir in the local community. When the COVID-19 pandemic ended its in-person meetings, Jenna shifted to a virtual choir format, launching groups in Japan and New Zealand before establishing SING IN UNITY.

Through her work in philanthropy, Jenna and the GQ choir have donated more than $270,000 to charitable efforts in 12 Asian and African countries.


SING IN UNITY is an international virtual choir dedicated to spreading peace, love, and tolerance worldwide through music. The non-profit project is open to everyone and welcomes all singing experience levels.

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