Neck Champ unveils the ultimate inflatable neck stretcher for instant pain relief

August 04 17:18 2022
Neck Champ, the leading chiropractor-recommended neck extender for 2022, serves as the only proven solution for stiff, sore, and painful necks. It has helped over 50,000 people become more energetic, stand stronger, and regain confidence.

Neck Champ has unveiled the ultimate inflatable and adjustable neck traction device for instant neck pain relief. 

“Neck pain is currently amongst the most common conditions across the globe. The neck is connected to the spine, nerves, as well as muscles. If pain lasts for a long period of time, it brings discomfort to the head, shoulders, and arms. That’s where Neck Champ comes into the picture,” a representative said in a statement.

Neck Champ, a highly rated neck stretching device for 2022 that has changed the lives of 30,000 people, utilizes the power of cervical traction, restoring the neck’s natural curvature, reversing years of damage, and eliminating chronic neck pain in just ten minutes a day.

The neck stretching product inflates with air using a high-efficiency hand pump. When it’s partially inflated, it functions as a neck support. When fully inflated, it will elongate to support the head’s weight to allow the neck muscles to relax.

Further inflation will stretch the neck and shoulder muscles while decompressing the spinal disc and joints. The pressure is adjustable so individuals can set the stretching to their comfort level.

“By inflating the neck decompression collar, individuals can control the amount of stretch their neck needs. With two Velcro straps, they can adjust the tightness of the device,” the representative added. 

The chiropractor-recommended neck extender enables individuals to enjoy rapid neck pain relief, thanks to its incredibly soft and skin-friendly material that offers chronic neck pain relief and spine alignment.

Neck Champ has so far earned over 2,000 5-star reviews, making it the top-rated product for neck health this 2022. 

Mike, a verified customer, described Neck Champ as a “game-changer” in the market.

“My girlfriend and I have constant neck and shoulder pain from our office jobs. This thing is our end of the work day relief, and it works like a charm,” Mike wrote in a review.


Neck Champ can be used while lying down. The Neck Champ will lift the head and remind individuals to straighten up. It will help them become more aware of their posture, especially when they are sitting down. With regular use, over time, it will also help to train the spine to become straighter.

The deflated neck relaxer can also easily be packed in the bag or suitcase so that individuals can stretch their necks on the go wherever they are. 

Those experiencing or prone to stiff, sore, and painful necks, particularly individuals who spend at least six hours a day in front of their computers and phones, may purchase Neck Champ to enjoy relief immediately. Others who wish to learn more about Neck Champ and its unique and innovative features may visit its website and social channels for more information.

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