Finding Female Financial Freedom in an Era of Eroding Rights

August 05 11:34 2022
Finding Female Financial Freedom in an Era of Eroding Rights

Sarah Walton, creator of My Sales Mastermind
New Online Program Teaches Women Economic Emancipation

August 4, 2022 – Women in the United States are facing an erosion of their rights to self-determination and business coach Sarah Walton believes it is imperative now, more than ever, that women learn how to be financially empowered. With this goal in mind, Walton has created My Sales Mastermind, a program to teach women how to successfully package their skills and expertise to create a profitable online business. 

The Number One skill that most entrepreneurial women lack is the ability to sell, yet sales are the lifeblood of every business. Luckily, selling is a learnable skill and Walton has designed her program to help women learn how to sell in a way that feels natural and congruent to them. My Sales Mastermind is a six-month intensive online, group-coaching program to educate women on how to make money through online businesses that tap into their talents, experiences, and expertise. The program dives into a variety of topics, each one a requisite for building a successful business, such as goal-planning, money, bookkeeping, sales call, sales pages, payment gateways, and email marketing. At the end of the six months, participants will be armed with everything they need to build a profitable business that will afford them true economic independence and greater freedom to do as they wish with their lives. 

“There’s this undercurrent in our society, even to this day, that implies women aren’t supposed to handle money,” notes Walton. “Women couldn’t get credit cards without a man’s signature nor a mortgage until the mid-70s. Subsequently, our psyche hasn’t quite caught up to the reality of where we are. I still hear women apologizing for making money, or they’ll tell me they ‘feel bad’ when they charge someone, or they think it’s ‘dirty’ or ‘wrong’ to want money. I think these beliefs come from those older patriarchal structures and it’s left this slimy residue on all of us. I want to help us wash that off so women can make a LOT of money and chart the course of their own destinies.”

“Overturning Roe v Wade upholds a long-standing tradition in the United States of implying that women aren’t capable of understanding their own decisions, that women can’t be trusted,” she continues. “It undermines the money we make and the goals we set out to achieve. It sends a direct message that women should continue to do the unpaid, invisible work that keeps society functioning and nothing more. I’m out to change that.”

“This is definitely the most valuable course I’ve ever taken,” notes Kelly Mason, My Sales Mastermind alumnus. ”If you don’t know how to sell, you don’t have a business. Taking this course is a no-brainer for success.” 

My Sales Mastermind is a six-month online course to help female entrepreneurs hone their skills in various areas of business, including sales, sales pages, email marketing, bookkeeping, and payment gateways. Find out more at:

Sarah Walton is a business coach and sales expert whose motto is “Putting more money in the hands of more women”. Since 2009, she’s been teaching women how to build profitable online businesses. Sarah is the host of The Game On Girlfriend Podcast and has been a guest on the nationally-syndicated Today Show. Find out more at

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