ClubHub subscription service lets independent creators form their own custom fan clubs

August 06 07:15 2022
This all-in-one club solution lets creators take back control of their communities.

ClubHub is a service, offering online content creators an all-in-one platform to build custom fan clubs and monetize their exclusive content.  

In line with the ClubHub founders’ vision of creator value, users will receive a much more significant share of revenue than they do on traditional social platforms.  Posting content has proven to be a lucrative career, but platform restrictions are limiting creators’ potential. For example, most web creators rely on ad revenue, but these ads need to achieve millions of views for the creator to be highly compensated.

Furthermore, many creators are obligated to modify their art in order to comply with strict corporate ad rules. Whether that be directly for the social media platform or for private advertisement deals made with corporations. 

Returning Control to Content Creators

The ClubHub subscription provides a solution to these issues with a three-tiered approach. 

–  Step 1:  Creators connect with their fans in a private, ad-free space — their own website branded as their club — where they can post the content they want without being demonetized.
The ClubHub team has made it a mission to offer creators a platform to share uninhibited content, and increase their earning potential without dependencies. 

–  Step 2: ClubHub creators will keep the majority of revenue generated from their clubs. No more receiving pennies on the dollar for their work!  

–  Step 3: There are no limitations on analytics. ClubHub has an open data policy with creators. All collected intel is shared with creators, allowing them to maximize growth and subscriber retention.

Creator Equity Initiative

As part of their launch, ClubHub is issuing equity to a group of Creators. The platform preaches ownership, and will give it to early adopters who can elect to hold creative consultant roles within the company. 

When asked about this strategy, ClubHub founders stated that it is important to have a pulse on creator culture; our best asset is creator insight. Part of what makes ClubHub unique is the partnership approach, as opposed to the regulatory approach taken by other social media platforms.


ClubHub is an all-in-one solution for independent online content creators. It provides a more complete experience compared to the standard subscription feeds. The platform gives creators autonomy over content, a hub for building fan communities, and the ability to monetize exclusive content while receiving the analytics necessary to build their media empire!  Disruption is the goal.  Apply to join the Club today via!

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