Natural Relief for Lower Back Pain with Yoga

August 06 04:10 2022

Millions of people suffer from debilitating back pain. Scientific evidence suggests that Yoga can relieve (or often) cure our non-specific musculoskeletal aches and pains. Yoga consists of mental, physical, and spiritual practices that have been shown to help people improve flexibility, relieve stress and lessen the impact of certain diseases.

Yoga is often described as the practice of body postures with controlled breathing. It is not justan exercise or method for stretching, butalso includes breathing techniques, specific body postures, mental meditation, etc. When all of these things are combinedinto one disciplined practice, students are able to enjoy many benefitsincluding relief from pain, anxiety and even depression. The popularity of Yoga has been increasing year on year. In the United States alone,yoga has experienced a massive growth of around 50% in the last few years. The current number of Yoga practitioners in the USA is estimated to be over 30 million people.

Chronic back pain has become one of the main reasons why people speak with doctors and seekmedical treatment. Around 7.5% of the global population is estimated to have lower back pain. Many individuals have begun seeking natural and holistic remedies for lower back pain because the use of conventional treatments and narcotic pain killers have proven to be ineffective and/or expensive. Yoga has, in fact, proven to be one of the more effective methodsof natural relief from lower back pain. Practicing yoga for just a few weeks has been shown to offer pain relief from LPB and other similar conditions. This is, in part, due to yoga’s ability to stretch and relax muscles which support the back and spine. By increasing flexibility we can improve our physical agility and promote pain relief and better mobility of the body. There are many varieties of yoga and many teachers of different types and levels of skill. Therefore, it is best to attempt the practice of yoga with an appropriate level of intensity. A list of yoga postures which are good for chronic lower back pain can be found easily online.

Practicing Yoga with the help of a Yoga teacher has shown to give students more improvements than those who followed written instructionalsor watched Youtube videos. Thus, it is better to start your Yoga journey with the help of a qualified yoga teacher by joining an in-person or virtual Yoga class. Socially participating in yoga classes has also scientifically shown to increase one’s ability to cope with pain and anxiety. https://pro.Yoga is an online platform where people can easily search for the best local and international yoga teachers, yoga retreats, and yoga studios. proYoga provides a geo-located list of yoga studios in your area so that you can have more options for obtaining pain relief with the practice of yoga.

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