Sports Lifestyle is On the Rise, Jelenew x Stéphane Rolland Compression Tights Follow Lululemon Yoga Pants as Athlete’s New Favorite

August 13 02:54 2022
Jelenew brings the groundbreaking combination of “Haute Couture and Sportswear” and carefully designs each product with “luxury moulage technique”

Cycling leggings have become the new favorite of runners because of their moisture absorption and quick drying and compression to promote exercise and post-exercise recovery.

Jelenew cycling wear

When traditional sportswear giants such as Nike and Adidas are still competing for the competitive sports market and pursuing to create professional high-intensity competitive sports products, lululemon has gradually seized the mountain of sports lifestyle. Nike’s the second largest sports brand in the world. This spring and summer, the popularity of cycling has brought fire to Jelenew and Jelenew x Stephane Rolland Compression Tights, a sports lifestyle brand that targets women like Lululemon. Jelenew and Stephane Rolland jointly created these compression tights. The cooperation between cycling sportswear and haute couture became a hot topic in the sportswear and fashion circles. On the red carpet at the closing of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, actress Kat Graham wore these compression tights to detonate the topic for the second time. These compression tights have an haute couture aesthetic and give hardworking muscles a healthy squeeze, so fashion icons and sports Kols favor them. Many fashion icons and sports Kols posted photos of fitness wearing these pants on Instagram and TikTok, expressing their love for these compression tights. Jelenew x Stéphane Rolland Compression Tights have become the new favorite of sports guys after Lululemon yoga pants, which are popular in Europe and America.

Jelenew cycling wear

These Compression Tights are made from Italian fabric with extreme quick drying. Their front triangle design can perfectly fit the female anatomy. Waist geometric stitching to protect the lateral abdominal muscles and hip-lifting line design, showing peach buttocks. It also provides a healthy squeeze on the leg muscles and buttocks with proper tightness, which helps blood circulate from the legs and back to the heart. The increased pressure also helps keep the muscles stable and reduces vibration during exercise, maintaining the athlete’s strength. The calf is wrapped in positive film, which promotes the decomposition of lactic acid, effectively reduces the soreness of the legs after exercise, and prevents varicose veins.

“We all believe that cycling is not only a competitive sport but also an environmentally friendly lifestyle and attitude.Just like we’re talking about, ride with ease and leave the rest to everyone. Off-race collection provides the best cycling fit and skin-friendly material to inspire confidence in motion. The products we create can be used both in the outdoors and city, bringing cycling and outdoor culture into the lives of urbanites.” said the Jelenew team.

It is reported that the cycling leggings have three colors, black, white, and green, and are currently on sale on Jelenew’s official website.


Jelenew is an American avant-garde cycling apparel brand born for women. It brings the groundbreaking combination of “Haute Couture and Sportswear” and carefully designs each product with “luxury moulage technique” to provide a more refined sports experience and promote a healthy lifestyle for cyclists to enjoy elegant and stylish suburban cycling.

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