Burbank Tree Professionals Transplants Trees to Create Room for a Swimming Pool

August 18 16:33 2022


Burbank, California – When Morris decided to build a new swimming pool, he wanted it to be in a place where it was easily accessible. Although the homeowner had some free space on his landscape, the space was too far from his house’s entrance.


“To have the swimming pool in an ideal place,” said Morris, “the family had to lose some trees. The trees had to be removed to create space for the vital property development project.”

Morris had not removed trees from his landscape in the past. For this reason, he did not know a team that offered high-quality tree removal services. To determine which company to use, he had to talk to a group of friends.

“After talking to more than 30 friends,” said Morris, “the family decided to work with Burbank Tree Professionals. All the friends mentioned that they had used the company for tree removal in the past and had enjoyed the results generated by its team of tree cutting professionals.”

The homeowner researched the company online and found results that made him agree with his friends. The company turned out to have an impressive number of positive reviews and had a website that showed its experience in the tree service industry.

“The family contacted Burbank Tree Professionals pretty late yesterday,” said Morris. “However, its team did not complain. Instead, the customer service agent noted that the company would send someone to the landscape to check the trees and provide a cost estimate.”

The cost estimate expert reportedly arrived on the landscape just an hour after the call. After inspecting the trees and the entire landscape, the professional surprised Morris when he indicated that tree removal was not necessary. He noted that the team could easily move the trees to a new location, keeping the trees alive as well as eliminating the hindrances that were keeping Morris from initiating his pool development process.

“The family did not want to lose the trees,” said Morris. “Everyone in the family knew that the 4 trees played a key role in making the environment much better. For this reason, the family decided to go with the professional’s suggestion—the family would invest in tree transplanting instead of tree removal.”

To see how Burbank Tree Professionals helps tree owners visit the company’s website:https://www.treeserviceslosangeles.com/burbank/.

The homeowner noted that the professional who had come to do the cost estimate was very clear that the transplanting procedure involved much more work. As such, the homeowner had to expect to spend a little bit more on the transplanting compared to the tree removal procedure.

“The family had enough money in the bank account,” said Morris. “If sacrificing a few hundred dollars would help the family keep the trees on the landscape, that is something everyone was willing to do.”

After the tree service contract was signed and stumped, Burbank Tree Professionals reportedly decided to initiate the tree transplanting procedure that evening. The cost estimate professional just dialed a number on his phone and a team of tree service experts was on the landscape a few minutes later.

“The team had a hydraulic spade they used to dig a hole where the transplanted tree would go,” said Morris. “The team used the same piece of machinery to dig out the tree and transplant it to the new location.”

The homeowner noted that the team arrived today morning and removed the three remaining trees. Morris noted that the company did a job so clean that he decided he would keep using its services.

Burbank Tree Professionals’ base of operation is located at 2128 N Valley St, 91505 Burbank, CA. Homeowners can reach the company’s office by dialing 747-281-2972 or emailing [email protected]

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