Image Expert, Patsy Sanders, Provides a New Level of Appreciation for Multiple Dimensions of Other Women Through Her Unique “Color-Typing” Method

August 30 15:48 2022

Santa Rosa, CA, USA – August 30, 2022 – Patsy Sanders, an Image Expert, is eradicating a statement that has been used by her customers for decades – “I have nothing to wear” – from their daily routines. With the aid of her clients, she works with them to build a strategy for their full essence, including their hair, makeup, and wardrobe, so that they appear and feel their best. Colors, dress styles, personality, and the way you make choices all play a role in Sanders’ unique “color-typing” method.

Sanders has discovered that when professionals have a style that captures who they really are, they’re freer to show off their gifts and talents to the world, and their closets are full of clothing they absolutely love to wear.

“Working with Patsy has been the most fun transformation in feeling good about how I present myself,” said Heather S. “And that has translated into my external presence. You can only go right working with Patsy! I frequently hear unsolicited comments from others saying that I look beautiful, vibrant, pretty, and like an actress.”

Heather explained, “I am an author, speaker, and the Strategy and Innovation Officer for a large company. My publicist suggested that I work with a stylist so that my image would match my message and ensure I put my best foot forward when working with the public, including the media. She recommended her stylist, Patsy Sanders.”

“Working with Patsy gave me an understanding of my inner essence and also the essence of other women, providing a new level of appreciation for the multiple dimensions of other women,” added Heather. “When I changed what I wore – clothes, accessories, shoes – to match my essence using Patsy’s process and approach, I physically felt, and continue to feel, the energetic change of wearing clothes that match my essence. I can see the change in the way that others interact with me.”

Sanders sees her clients’ changes immediately in front of her, and she frequently recognizes their full potential before they do. In most cases, individuals need to hear positive comments and responses from their friends and family before they can be certain that their new look is working.

Patsy Sanders has always wanted to be a hairdresser since she was a small child. After high school, she was awarded a scholarship to a beauty school. She has always thought that everyone has the right to feel secure and attractive in their own skin, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Sanders regularly hosts Inspired Style Webinars and Style Power Hours teaching students about the amazing power of color, the energetics and harmonics of color pallets, and how to put together amazing outfits for your most important events. Learn more about working with Patsy Sanders at

About Patsy Sanders

Patsy Sanders has five decades of experience as a master hairstylist, has owned three salons, is a member of the RUSK International Hair Design Team, and holds ten training certificates in hairstyling, makeup, and color. Patsy loves working with women of all sizes because she used to be a size 20 and is now a size 6. Patsy knows ALL the tricks for putting together a wardrobe that frames the real you – no matter what size you are and what body type you have. When it comes to struggles with shopping, she’s been there.

For more information, visit Patsy online at

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