CosmicFactions Disrupts Gaming Landscape with Play-2-Earn, Create-2-Earn & Rent-2-Earn Model

August 31 05:03 2022
Created by a group of tech professionals, the company’s blockchain-based virtual ecosystem offers monetization options for gamers, designers, and developers.

CosmicFactions, a blockchain-based gaming technology, launches its platform offering a unique model with its Play-2-Earn (P2E), Create-2-Earn (C2E), and Rent-2-Earn (R2E) features. The brand disrupts the blockchain-based gaming industry with its one-of-a-kind model that lets users get their rewards whether they choose to be a player, a game designer, or a developer with its virtual ecosystem-based mechanics. The brand also launched the virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) part in Belgrade, Serbia in a Web3 Workshop Experience event titled Idemo, Bre!.

“CosmicFactions is a continuously expanding digital space that hosts different factions or guilds. Every faction is pegged to a specific crypto project and comes with its own theme-specific set of community NFT collections. These project-themed, utility-packed NFTs serve as membership keys that will grant their owner exclusive entry into the dystopian alien world of Vortal, the nexus that connects infinite Nanoverses or games,” said Anetta Sultygova, the company’s Chief Operating Officer. However even users without avatars will have limited access to the platform and will be able to explore its functionalities.

CosmicFactions creates NFT avatars in cooperation with other projects, and users need to own at least one to go inside Vortal and immerse themselves in its digital experience. NFT avatars can also be rented, giving R2E capability to renters. Once inside, users can design, implement, and customize their own Nanoverse or game. The Nanoverse also doubles as a community hub and a fully functioning, monetizable, participatory game that other faction members can interact with.

The company’s NFT collections are debuted on an NFT launchpad called CosmoPad, which allows developers to create, market, and sell their project’s NFT collection. “Our intuitive build-in tools simplify the assembling process, allowing creators to mint NFTs without producing a single smart contract. Users can export CosmoPad’s UI to their project’s native website, or create a brand new one from scratch using our website templates,” said Sultygova.

Game developers and creatives can also design and implement their own 2D or 3D NanoVerse or game with CosmicFactions’ Planet Emporium. “Planet Emporium provides a simple yet intuitive drag-and-drop interface that encourages Architects or developers to create at their own pace. This feature allows them to test their product before releasing it on the Metaverse.”

CosmicFactions also has a Creator Marketplace, the place for game designers to showcase their creations (prefabs) and sell them. These prefabs can be bought by developers to be used in the Retro Console, where they build games.

In the Creators’ Marketplace, developers can buy custom-made and game-ready NFT assets from talented artists. All items in this space have unlimited mints, enabling players to freely use these assets across multiple games.

CosmicFactions’ P2E capability allows Nanoverse players to earn tokens by playing games and trading unused items in exchange for tokens. For more information on CosmicFactions, visit

About CosmicFactions

CosmicFactions is the first cross-dimensional, P2P, C2P, and R2E metaverse with interoperable framework-enabled functionalities at its core. A team of over 20 marketers, creatives, designers, artists, and entrepreneurs with experience working for AAA gaming studios, feature films, and television shows such as HBO, Warner Bros, Hyperjungle, Capcom, EA games, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Sparx Studio, Desert Owl Games and more created the company to bring the blockchain-based gaming experience to new heights.

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