Nashville Tree Experts Helps uses Tree Pruning to Fix a Tree With Damaged Branches

August 31 08:45 2022


Nashville, Tennessee – When a tree standing on Johnstone’s landscape started dropping branches unexpectedly, the homeowner knew he had to get rid of the tree as soon as possible. However, while his goal was to invest in tree removal to eliminate the risk the tree created on his landscape, the homeowner was lucky to partner with a good team that helped him fix the tree without having to bring it down. Reportedly, working with Nashville Tree Experts helped the homeowner avoid removing one of his favorite trees.


“The tree had been creating problems since it would drop branches on the landscape unexpectedly,” said Johnstone. “The tree almost hit one of the kids at some point. Last week, the family’s car was parked under the tree and a huge branch almost wrecked the hood—it was by mere luck the branch dropped a few feet from the car.”

Johnstone noted that while he enjoyed having the tree on the landscape, he did not want to keep the tree around if it would end up costing the family a lot of money in repair costs.

“The family had worked with Nashville Tree Experts in the past,” said Johnstone. “The wife had the company’s customer service team number saved on her phone. All she had to do was call the company and request the tree removal procedure.”

On requesting the tree removal procedure, Nashville Tree Experts reportedly sent a professional to Johnstone’s landscape immediately to assess the situation and provide a cost estimate. The homeowner was reportedly surprised when he learned that tree removal was not necessary.

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“When the professional arrived on the landscape and after inspecting the tree,” said Johnstone, “he noted that the tree did not have a major issue that could warrant a tree removal. The only issue was the branches which had suffered some form of damage from a recent storm. The professional noted that the branches had been damaged irreparably—this was the reason the branches were breaking off and falling.”

Johnstone noted when the professional mentioned the only thing that would be needed to fix the issue he was going through was tree pruning, he was more than happy.

“To begin with,” said Johnstone, “the tree was standing in a risky position. This meant that a lot of time would be needed to ensure the tree came down safely without causing property damage. What’s more, the process of removing a tree would be more expensive than tree pruning. To top it off, the process of tree pruning would not just be more affordable—it would help the family save a valuable tree that provided shade and improved the aesthetic appeal.”

Johnstone reportedly agreed to the tree pruning immediately. An hour later, a team of tree cutting professionals from Nashville Tree Experts was on Johnstone’s landscape ready to handle the tree pruning procedure.

“The procedure was not easy since the team had to take extra care to avoid dropping the cut branches on the neighboring utilities,” said Johnstone. “The team, however, came prepared—they had a bucket truck that allowed them to reach the crown, ropes that they used to tie and hold the branches they removed, and a crane they used to bring down the cut branches. The company completed the entire procedure without harming any of the neighboring utilities.”

Nashville Tree Experts’ offices are located at 100 Powell Place, 37204 Nashville, TN. Homeowners interested in the company’s services can contact the company at 615-845-5214 and [email protected]

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