Rayon Payne aka Keko Brings Diversity Into Podcasting with Folksalert

October 11 01:30 2022
Experienced broadcaster, Keko, charts a new course in podcasting through the Folksalert Podcast, where he interviews content creators and influencers from all walks of life exclusively on Apple in video

Rayon Payne aka Keko made the headlines not particularly for the best reasons in 2003 following his arrest for unlicensed operation, becoming the only person the FCC ever sent to prison for a radio violation after he started the largest pirate radio network in the United States in 1998. However, the passionate broadcaster has been able to turn things around, establishing Folksalert in 2006 as a blog covering alternative news. Keko has also achieved a tremendous feat with the Folksalert Podcast, which streams exclusively on Apple in videos, where he interviews content creators and influencers from diverse genres.

Keko is practically bringing a new experience to everything podcasting by interviewing ordinary folks and sharing their interesting stories with the rest of the world. Dusting off his FCC troubles and the challenges of losing Myspace Radio and Myspace too, Keko founded Folksalert in 2006 and subsequently found his way back to Talk Radio in 2017 before finding a spark and getting a home at Apple doing video interviews. It has been an amazing ride so far for Keko with the Folksalert Podcast, with the show attracting a wide array of audiences across age groups and gender.

Some names that have been featured on the Folksalert Podcast include Hailey England, a Northern California-based influencer and Onlyfan model, Actor Quintin Mims, Capt.Shivani Kalra a pilot with Air India Airlines, who has over a million followers on Instagram  and Jehn Jensen, mother of 7 with 19.7 million likes on TikTok. In addition to interviewing guests sharing different aspects of their personal life and business, Keko also highlights contemporary matters, recently talking about the extent of Hurricane Ian’s destruction and the call for service.

Keko has expressed his readiness to continue bringing exciting interviews to his fans, leveraging his no-holds-barred approach to unraveling hitherto unknown facts about his guests.

For further information about the Folksalert Podcast and how Keko is sharing stories of people, visit – www.folksalert.com and Apple Podcasts.

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