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October 11 22:27 2022

The microflora on our skin can grow and thrive with the help of probiotic skin care. This helps our skin’s natural defenses work better and makes the top layer of our skin stronger. However, many commercial probiotic skincare products have ingredients that are known to irritate the skin.

Now presenting JuvenuSkin – All Juvenu products contain an active ingredient called Sanarever®, which is a peptide powerhouse. Sanarever® helps get your skin and hair back to their natural balance, so they keep their natural shine and moisture. Most importantly, clinical tests have shown it to increase the body’s collagen production, which is a key part of the anti-aging process.


 The Origins of JuvenuSkin

Juvenu’s medical team was working on a diabetes treatment when they accidentally discovered that Juvenu could be used as a skincare product.   The active ingredient in Juvenu helped diabetic patients effectively heal their wounds.

As a result of groundbreaking research into diabetes wound care, Juvenu developed probiotic-based skin renewal and balance maintenance treatments.


Juvenu Repairs The Skin Barrier

Juvenu is pioneering ways to use probiotics in skin care. Juvenu’s probiotic products deeply hydrate the skin, from the top layer down to the bottom layer. This makes the skin shine from the inside out. JuvenuSkin products moisturize without being heavy or greasy and absorb quickly into the skin.

Juvenu’s probiotic supplements include a medical-grade, high-concentration formula that is rich in antimicrobial peptides. This gives cells energy, improves microcirculation, and makes the skin look and feel better.

The peptides help alleviate dryness and strengthen the skin’s natural defenses against allergens. JuvenuSkin products have undergone thorough laboratory and hospital testing and have been shown to promote healthy skin for all skin types.


Our Formula Works with Your Body

The skin care products from Juvenu offer complete care for the skin, helping to lighten wrinkles and tighten the skin. Listed below are some advantages of using products from the Juvenu skincare collection:

• Medical-grade, high-concentration formula

• Patented blend of 16 types of probiotic fermentation substances

• No harmful chemicals

• Non-comedogenic

• Clinically proven

• Visible results

• Microbiome-friendly.

• Cruelty-free

The product do not contain any of the following:

• Harmful chemicals

• Fragrances

• Synthetic oils and colors

• Phthalates

• Parabens

• PEGs

• GMOs

• Alcohol

• Retinol

Why Juvenu?

Probiotics is the secret to repairing skin overnight.

The formula in Juvenu’s probiotic products is medical-grade and has a high concentration of natural small molecules and antibacterial peptides. These are gentle, non-irritants, but strong enough to get to the bottom layer of the skin. This gives cells energy, improves microcirculation, and increases the skin’s vitality, which helps fight dryness and makes the skin better able to fight off allergies.

Probiotics can also benefit men, women, and children experiencing hair loss by stimulating the growth of thicker, healthier hair.

One of the ingredients in our products, peptides, can help your hair grow healthier. Not only peptides but also growth factors.

90% of the people who tried it grew more hair in the affected areas of their scalps, and the diameter of the hair shafts grew larger.

Wrapping It Up

Welcome to the next generation of skincare. Juvenu’s probiotic formula will help you restore and revive your skin.

For more information, please visit https://www.juvenuskin.com/

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