How Demetri Morris and MORR are reshaping the marketing industry through “Humanizing Brands”

October 12 20:33 2022
MORR is a future-forward digital agency that helps ambitious brands implement modern-day marketing and innovative technology to profitably grow online. ‍

MORR is a future-forward digital agency that helps ambitious brands implement modern-day marketing and innovative technology to profitably grow online.

Demetri Morris, the founder of MORR, is a true mover and shaker for this generation and has always had a yearning to do good in the world.He is a bridge builder that actively seeks out opportunities to do good in this world and build for a better future.

He has put the time and effort into becoming an expert in his craft and it has always set him apart from his peers.

What makes Demetri special is his creativity, strategic thinking, his ability to execute, and his genuine heart to care for people. What started as a simple task to create content for his church has turned into a full-service digital agency, MORR, focused on helping brands become more human.

Serving globally, his agency focuses on connecting strategy with creativity and building experiences that inspire action. Demetri has worked with brands like Uber, Chick-fil-A, U.S. Foods, Adidas, and more.

The work Demetri’s agency does consists of strategy, creative, marketing, and technology. MORR has generated 10 million in sales for its clients and has served over 100 brands & businesses since the company’s start.

MORR’s heart for marketing modern brands is centered on the big idea of “humanizing brands”. This core philosophy has been the biggest reason for success since its launch in 2018.

How does someone humanize their brand?

1. Evaluating your culture and determining if the average person would want to be a part of it. Most of the reasons why businesses fail are not because they have a bad product but because their leadership is not quality.

2. Study and implement these three: familiarity, trust, and authority.This is a long-term sequential approach that frankly most brands aren’t willing to do. Therefore they just stay in the lane of mediocrity.Authority takes place when you can get the transaction. The moment you declared your favorite restaurant is the moment that restaurant gained authority. It takes time for people to even walk in the door.It’s worth getting people to walk in the door.

3. Be willing to evolve your product, positioning, service offerings, systems, and business plan.

4. Find growth loops and run after them. A growth loop is a system that starts with acquiring users and then keeping them engaged by providing value.

5. Don’t settle for less. If it’s not quality, it’s not good. Everyone starts somewhere but where you start is not where you should settle. That’s why bad websites exist. The owner settled to have a bad online presence. Build a sleek online presence and decide how you’re going to add true value. Hire a pro.

6. Be a human. Be likable, knowledgeable, consistent, and trustworthy. Start with how you present yourself online and build longevity with the customer experience. Be the 1%.

MORR looks forward to continuing down a path of disrupting the marketing industry and generating client results through a full-ecosystem-styled approach.

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