The Global Care Alliance Charity Organization has helped the disaster-stricken people to tide over the difficulties for 6 consecutive years

October 14 20:45 2022

The Caring Alliance was first established in 2015 during the global formulation of the Paris Agreement, as Mr. J and his team members created a charity organization, officially registered in the France in 2016, for the global continents and other poor developing countries to support the diversity of non-profit charitable organizations. We help people worldwide rebuild from natural disasters, wars, and diseases!

Global Care Alliance Charity History

• 2016 Ecuador earthquake killed at least 414 people and injured 2,557 others. Donated $1,000,000 worth of humanitarian relief supplies to the earthquake area

• 2017 Two fires in Portugal, which caused a total of 111 deaths, donated $200,000 worth of humanitarian reconstruction funds for the fire areas

• 2017 slope disaster in the Republic of Congo, generating a total of 200 deaths, donated humanitarian reconstruction funds worth $200,000 for the affected areas


• Donated $1.5 million in relief supplies and reconstruction funds to the affected areas after the 2018 floods in Nigeria, which killed 199 people and affected 1,922,332 people.

• 2019 Jayapura floods and landslides in Indonesia, resulting in 104 deaths, donated $1 million in relief supplies and reconstruction funds to the hardest hit areas

• 2020 Wuhan, China outbreak of COVID-19 virus, killing 5,000 people and donating humanitarian relief supplies worth $350,000 to the disaster area

• 2021 Haiti was hit by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake, killing at least 2,248 people, leaving 329 missings, 12,268 injured, affecting about 800,000 people, and damaging or destroying 138,000 houses. Donated 15 tons of relief supplies and $2 million in post-disaster reconstruction funds to the disaster area

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Our vision: is to help the world change for the better, to help people change their living conditions for the better, to diversify the core features of philanthropic development, and to build a diversified ecological hub for global philanthropy development.

Currently, our team is involved in diversified investment areas, such as gold stocks, foreign exchange funds, the aviation sector, medical devices, and other industries.

Alliance guidelines: The Alliance will abide by the Constitution, laws, regulations, and policies of each country, abide by core values and social morals, abide by the purpose of public welfare, and actively fulfill social responsibilities.

Affiliate Culture

Our culture is our Strength. Be the best part of you.

We are connecting the world, making an impact, empowering you, and developing a good cause. Our unique, global and diverse family respects your authenticity and values your passion for success. We work hard, think flexibly, and have fun.

We have no pre-determined boundaries – you can explore your passion and develop it to be the best part of you.

Be a pioneer

As pioneers in leading the development of diversified philanthropy, continuous learning and flexibility are built into our DNA. We encourage you to challenge the status quo, break assumptions, learn and grow at every step of your philanthropic journey, and realize your full potential.

Affiliate Benefits System

The benefits for regular team members and team leaders are as follows:

* Good on-the-job training programs in China and abroad

* Vacation system that is better than the Labor Standards Law (10 days of annual vacation in the first year, proportional vacation for team size review)

* Labor insurance, health insurance, group insurance, travel accident insurance

* Annual group health examination

* Annual salary guarantee for 14 months

* Wedding and funeral assistance

* Annual travel

* Annual holiday gift

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