Returnstar Introduces The Way to Make Digital Campus Organized with Q-NEX Solution

October 15 10:48 2022

Returnstar Introduces The Way to Make Digital Campus Organized with Q-NEX Solution

Technology Trend for Modern Classrooms

In today’s world, the ICT infrastructure in education field is evolving fast in various countries as technology reform has been a major strategic measure towards educational development. With the popularization of information technology in classrooms, smart education has gradually become the main theme for most countries to set the path for future education.

Since modern classrooms have been overwhelmed by all kinds of audio-visual equipment on an unprecedented scale, school leaders and IT admins are more and more concerned about how to integrate various devices, simplify operation and maintenance, and manage in a digital way.

What is next-gen technology for smart campus?

Smart campus solution is committed to creating an efficient and intelligent educational environment for schools, improving the school’s ICT level, reducing the equipment maintenance work for school IT administrators, and helping teachers make full use of multimedia classroom equipment. Based on the TCP/IP protocol, Q-NEX smart campus solution involves connecting all the Q-NEX terminal units to a media server and a cloud management platform to realize the following:

  1. remote and unified control of multimedia classrooms;
  2. campus-wide audio and video broadcast / live streaming;
  3. effective and orderly execution of scheduled tasks automatically;
  4. manage and allocate campus private cloud storage space.

Returnstar Introduces The Way to Make Digital Campus Organized with Q-NEX Solution

Q-NEX terminal units include Q-NEX Networked Media Processor and Q-NEX Media Box. For Q-NEX NMP, it is an IoT centralized control box, building a smart campus system on the school’s existing networking solution to realize the control and management of multimedia classrooms, campus audio and video broadcasting and live streaming, and help school IT administrators effectively carry out various types of operation schedules. It’s integrated with digital broadcasting, digital power amplifier, audio and video matrix switching, network switch, power control module and communication control module for network-based media processing and unified device control and management. Along with a networked audio and video processing and distribution platform, it also works as a part of the networked media system from a centralized network. The daily IoT management of audio-visual equipment simplifies the use of multimedia classrooms, making it easier for teachers to teach.

As a highly integrated system for the centralized control of classroom devices that converges LAN switch, AV matrix switch, wireless mic system, AV decoder, power relay, digital amplifier, serial control module, etc, Q-NEX NMP not only helps build a centralized control system for IoT devices, but also realizes networked-based media processing and distribution. To build a centralized control system for IoT devices, NMP is also designed with a built-in 2.4GHz wireless module for device control. Working together with Q-NEX Control Box (CBX), NMP can communicate with CBX wirelessly and control various devices through RS232/ Relay/ IR, such as air conditioners, lamps, electric curtain, projectors, TV, interactive flat panel etc.

Returnstar Introduces The Way to Make Digital Campus Organized with Q-NEX Solution

Advantages of a digitally smart campus solution

A digitally smart campus solution is a comprehensive system designed to improve the way you manage your facilities. It offers increased efficiency, safety and productivity. In addition, it can help you provide better service to your students, staff and visitors.

Here are some of the benefits of a digitally smart campus solution:

Highly-integrated device

A digitally smart campus solution can be integrated with all other systems in use at your university. This means that all devices in your facility will work together seamlessly. For example, sensors on doors and windows can detect whether they are open or closed, while cameras can monitor unauthorized access to restricted areas. The Q-NEX terminal unit – Networked Media Processor – is an all-in-one device integrated with versatile functional modules, which is specially designed to meet all kinds of application scenarios under the education environment, while reducing the school’s budget in ICT infrastructure.

Powerful functions

It greatly relieves the IT team’s burden if the smart campus solution can realize device centralized control through Internet, audio and video control by matrix switch, campus-wide live streaming, audio and video broadcasting, campus information distribution, scheduled task management and other functions. A digitally smart campus solution allows you to control devices remotely through an online interface. You can turn on / off lights and adjust AV equipment settings from anywhere in the world, while alerts can be sent to notify you if anything goes wrong with your systems.

Networked remote control

It’s of great convenience that most classroom equipment can be operated flexibly by local classroom control panel, web-based Console or mobile APP. The school IT team can keep an eye on the entire campus via a digital dashboard, even when he or she is away from the school. Remote control can also be used to monitor energy usage or detect any faults that occur in the campus.

Simplified deployment

When the smart campus solution can be implemented under the school’s existing network infrastructure, it reduces much costs for the school’s finance. A centrally managed system ensures that all facilities are controlled from one central point. The school does not have to invest in separate systems for different properties or service providers. Instead, it can focus on its core business and benefit from lower operating costs thanks to economies of scale. Each Q-NEX terminal unit is easy to be installed, and can be configured without programming. The visual user interface makes it intuitive for end users to get started. 

This trend of digital campus will increase, particularly in schools. Technology is changing continually, and the pace of change has increased exponentially. The pace of change is not only a challenge for teachers to embrace technology integration and innovation, but also for school leaders and IT administrators to face the challenges in the process. The school campus, or perhaps a university or college campus, is a very particular kind of environment. If you’re planning on putting together an effective and easy-to-use smart solution for your campus, consider segmenting your users by departments or academic units. This will help you create a more streamlined and targeted solution, which will make it easier to tailor the layout and features to each unique user group. For more information about this latest amazing centralized networked media system and networking solutions, please contact us here.


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