A must-read epic magic fantasy series, Code of Rainbow, continues to increase in popularity as it unveils plans for book #4 around Christmas 2022

October 15 11:09 2022

Featured by Worldcon, the world’s biggest fantasy and science fiction convention, Weiqi Wang’s ambitious Code of Rainbow series continues to captivate young audiences with its lush, richly constructed world while loyal fans anxiously wait for its sequels. With each installment, Wang reveals more of the science behind the magic, showing that it’s possible to create a fantastical universe with real-life scientific principles. Wang has utilised his profound scientific background, having previously graduated from Oxford University with a PhD degree and worked as a scientist for Stanford University, to enable this mix of fantasy and scientific principles.

Currently released books #1 to #3 of the Code of Rainbow series

Beginning with Soaring Flame and the Dragon-transcending Magimal, the Code of Rainbow series follows the life of Soarame, a boy with special eyes that allow him to see magical elements and learn secrets about the world that no one else has yet to discover. Soarame’s best friend is a baby magimal—an animal with magical power—that accompanies him as he faces dragons and later fights fatal enemies and saves lives in the sequel Ancient Barons and the Returned Assassin. In the third book, Legends of Azure and the Masked Planet, Soarame must even figure out a way to cross a deadly ocean from underwater, and to survive without breathing for weeks. And who knows what other perils await down there?

Since Wang’s inimitable work is truly pioneering a genre of its own, few titles in the modern young adult or middle grade space can match its refreshing feel and fascinating concept. Reviewers of all ages love the scientific explanations in Code of Rainbow, describing the series as “innovative” and adding that “the mix of magic and a logical way of describing how it works is fascinating.”

In addition to teaching readers about scientific theories, the Code of Rainbow series promotes a harmonious relationship with animals that applies to the real world as well. With atrocities like the modern fur trade allowed to continue, Wang’s work is a reminder that treating animals with respect is a fundamental act of peace between humans and nature.

These unique aspects of Wang’s storytelling have endeared his work to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. With additional sequels currently in development, Code of Rainbow is a standout series that has more than earned its place at the top of the fantasy and science fiction genres.

Soaring Flame and the Dragon-transcending Magimal and the other books in the Code of Rainbow series are available for purchase on Amazon.com and his author website. With Legends of Azure and the Masked Planet being the third and the most recent book of the Code of Rainbow saga, the fourth book, Deadly Terrains and the Elusive Halfgod, is planned to be launched around Christmas 2022 on Kickstarter as a pre-sale.


Book cover of Deadly Terrains and the Elusive Halfgod

Weiqi Wang’s goal as a writer is to connect the scientific world with elements of magic. As a Doctor of Philosophy, Wang explores elements of existence and how the universe came to be in his books using the language of magic. The Code of Rainbow Series has four more installments planned. Wang currently resides in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. Learn more about Wang and the Code of Rainbow series at www.codeofrainbow.com, and connect with him on Facebook and Instagram.


Author photo of Weiqi Wang

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