Top Dutch entrepreneur Huub Knapen looks to expand his Amazon course and outsourcing business to the international market.

October 17 13:36 2022
Huub Knapen, the man behind Next Level B.V., stays on track to expand his Amazon course, which has benefited hundreds of students, workers and businesses.

Huub Knapen, a leading entrepreneur, based in the Netherlands, is out to carve out his own name in the global industry by expanding his Amazon course and outsourcing business to the international market. 

Huub’s Next Level B.V. course has been bought over 1100 times at this moment, with about 70 students joining the mission each month. In the highly rated course, Huub Knapen discusses why Amazon is the best choice among all e-commerce business models and how individuals can earn and continue to earn tens of thousands of euros per month via Amazon. 

Huub Knapen first pursued e-commerce at the age of 15. He went on to list his father’s motorcycle parts inventory online for sale. That moment made Huub realize that he wanted to make headway in the e-commerce business.

A few years later, he focused his efforts on building his own e-commerce shop and leveraging his skills in product development and entrepreneurship. After following an American Amazon training, he established his first company in 2017, where he sold products with his own brand. Within three months, he went from zero to $10,000 in sales with a whopping 40% profit.

Huub Knapen has become a renowned Dutch entrepreneur who not only sells products but also helps and teaches other people how to sell at Amazon through his courses and services. And he does this good. He has dominated the Dutch and Belgian markets and is now planning to expand to the English and German markets. Huub is determined to become one of the biggest course and outsourcing businesses in the world and expects to go live at the end of 2023 in the new languages.

Tayo Oscar, in a verified review, lauded Huub for bringing a one-of-a-kind platform for those who want to succeed in Amazon selling. 

“Do you feel that you are not comfortable with the mainstream education system or that you have a different career in mind than a standard 9-to-5 job? Please promise yourself that you will give Huub Knapen’s a chance. This has truly turned my life 180 degrees. I am eternally grateful to Huub,” wrote Oscar.

Rick Noorlander, a reporter for the national Dutch TV series RTL Z, wrote in a review: “Next Level Training is the place to start selling via Amazon in the Netherlands.”

“Do you want to win at Amazon and e-commerce as well? For sellers to thrive in these cutthroat markets, they must succeed in all areas, and everything is accounted for, from product title, description, reviews, a proven and innovative advertising strategy, as well as increased visibility via keywords and other means,” said Huub. 

Those who want to take advantage of a free consultation to kickstart their successful Amazon business may reach out to Huub Knapen or visit Next Level B.V. via to get started right away. Others who wish to learn more about Huub Knapen may follow his social channels, for more information.

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