Mehedi H. Limon is elated to launch new book titled ‘The Rising Dragon: A Complete Guideline For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Grow In China’

October 18 06:53 2022

Visionary author Mehedi H. Limon is delighted to launch his new book titled ‘The Rising Dragon: A Complete Guideline For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Grow In China.’

China is already a world power, and in all ramifications, it is likely to become the next top world power very soon. When Mehedi stepped into China for the first time, he was wowed at the development and growth level. Its growth could easily dwarf anything achieved by any other country in the world. This growth made him want to investigate further to understand how exactly China operates, as a country and as a government.

Hence, this book is a compilation of Mehedi’s findings, research, and experience about this beautiful world superpower. China is rich in its history and culture. Its long, well-preserved history shows us that the country has been planned out for a long time. This means everything that has been done so far was actually mapped out.

”In this book, I looked at every aspect of the Chinese culture, from its economy to its business environment, its e-commerce ecosystem, and down to its business etiquettes. This intelligent study was written in a way that is easy to understand yet, well researched. I hope this book will be an enlightening read for you,” said Mehedi.

Mehedi H. Limon is a visionary tech leader, author, and international scholar. He has experience of over a decade of working and living in China. He has worked in the top three Fortune 500 companies throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

Mehedi is a regular keynote speaker in key tech industry summits and authored many articles on leadership, technology as well as entrepreneurship. He is working globally to help enterprises on their digital transformation journey to generate maximum revenue and working closely with related governments to achieve their KPIs.

Mehedi’s book has elicited rave reviews from its readers. ”I just finished reading this book, and I must confess it’s a stimulant. The facts, the figures, and how it translates to entrepreneurial growth are mind-blowing. Over the past few weeks, I’ve begun implementing the insights from the book into my business, and there have been noticeable differences”, declared John Chan, CEO of Polid Group Inc.

This book is published by MARCÓN PRESS PUBLISHING HOUSE, one of the famous publishers in USA (Dallas, TX, USA). The book is currently available in USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, UAE, Amazon many other stores and online platforms. 

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