The Thomas Group of Las Vegas Lists Top 5 Things Real Estate Agents Keep Secret

October 28 16:12 2022
The Thomas Group of Las Vegas is a premier American real estate company. Its founders, Steve and Kristen Thomas unveiled the best-kept secrets in the field of real estate.

The job of a good real estate agent is to help the client make smart, educated decisions. As quoted by Thomas and Kristen of The Thomas Group of Las Vegas, the definition of a good real estate agent is a professional that tells “everything”. The founders of this real estate agency imparted that some agents omit to tell certain things to “spare the feelings of their clients” or due to a lack of knowledge. 

In a recent post titled “Top 5 Things Your Real Estate Won’t Tell You” circulating among the leading journal and social media outlets, Steve and Kristen divulged the secrets most real estate agents hide, the most notable mistakes inexperienced agents make, and the Thomas Group advantages.

Real estate agents rarely advise their clients to book an independent appraisal, as this would put the client in a position of power. Possessing leverage is the key to any kind of negotiation, The Thomas Group’s founders said, imparting the following:

“Finding out how much a bank or lender says your home is worth before you put it on the market can give you a real advantage. Don’t wait until you have an offer on the table. If you had an independent appraisal done, you have leverage against the next appraisal, and any low-ball offers.” 

Steve and Kristen warmly advise against securing a home warranty, imparting that home sellers may be stuck in a losing battle after the property is sold since most insurance companies will leave no stone unturned to ensure they don’t have to pay a dime. 

Interest rates matter, as they impact the affordability in a market that is already extremely volatile and expensive. Regarding the importance of interest rates, the founders of The Thomas Group stated the following:

“They (interest rates) will affect how much you can get for your house. When rates are on the rise, people just can’t afford as much. Your estimate from 6 months ago is not an actual number,” said The Thomas Group of Las Vegas’ spokesperson. 

“Home Staging works and you should consider it,” said Steve. Preparing the house so that it looks its finest before potential buyers come lining up is an efficient strategy. “You’ll be amazed at the tips and tricks that make a house shine against the competition. Buying a house is about creating an emotional connection with the buyer. It’s time to make them feel connected to your house,” Steve continued. 

What separates The Thomas Group of Las Vegas aside from a wealth of experience in the real estate industry is the combination of a 29-day guarantee and marketing for all clients. The company’s founders and The Thomas Group team leverage years of experience and a broad customer base to create the latest ad and marketing campaigns to sell their clients’ listings.

The guarantee Thomas Group of Las Vegas offers ensures that the agency will place the listings under contract within 29 days or the client will not be charged a single cent. 

More information about The Thomas Group of Las Vegas is available on the company’s official website

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