Win-Win-House, a New Book on In-Housing, Successfully Launches

November 07 21:30 2022
The book guides readers on moving marketing in-house in cooperation with an external partner so they can take the best of both worlds.

Authored by two award-winning and seasoned marketers, Peer Brændholt and Kasper Sierslev, Win-Win-House is an insightful guide about moving marketing in-house while leveraging the benefits of an external agency. The book explores the pros and cons of these marketing set-ups and demonstrates practical approaches to successful execution, enabling companies to build a win-win set-up with the best of both worlds.

“The book is in many ways a playbook for analyzing, designing, building, and running an in-house advertising agency,” says Sierslev. “There are many advantages to having the skills close to the company. Within the last few years, there has been particularly rapid development on the digital platforms, which both offer many opportunities but certainly also challenges concerning the raw amount of content that needs to be produced.”

To keep up with the evolving market and overcome marketing gaps, companies do not only need the proximity, agility, and brand immersion that an in-house marketing team provides. They also need the expertise, creativity, strategies, and outside-in perspectives agencies offer. Combined, they give businesses greater adaptability to meet advertising and marketing challenges while maintaining full control of their processes.

“That’s why it’s about creating a Win-Win-House, where you take the best of both worlds and look at what works best for the individual company,” emphasizes Brændholt.

Win-Win-House is a culmination of what Brændholt and Sierslev learned over the past 15 years working at top marketing companies such as Saxo Bank, Grundfos, GN Hearing, and Georg Jensen. The book answers what goes behind building an effective in-house marketing department – from the needed skills and roles to structuring and managing workflows.

According to Brændholt and Sierslev, by understanding the nuances of in-housing, business leaders can find the best talents, utilize the right practices, and ultimately optimize their marketing approach.

In the book, the two also share proven processes and models that can be reused across different industries, company types, and sizes. They learned that approximately 80-85% of processes used by in-house agencies are the same.

“It may well be that there is a difference in the creative idea, but producing films, banners, and elements for social media or translating and versioning the elements into different languages ​​and formats is often the same process regardless of industry,” notes Sierslev.

For companies struggling to shift their marketing in-house, Win-Win-House can be an invaluable asset. It is rich in practical tips, inspiring stories, and concrete examples helpful in unlocking the full potential of in-housing.

Win-Win-House is sold across several platforms, including Amazon, Bog & ide, and Barnes & Noble. Find more information here:

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