Florida Public Adjuster at Tailored Loss Consultants Highlights Disinformation About the Work Done by Public Adjusters

November 09 21:18 2022
Tailored Loss Consultants is working with homeowners who have suffered property damage because of Hurricane Ian. The public adjuster and claims appraiser at this firm caution homeowners against working with purported, unlicensed adjusters who are only interested in making a quick buck.

According to announcements released by Tailored Loss Consultants and Chad Schmitt, the Florida public adjuster is on a mission to counter disinformation being released about public adjusters and contractors. He has taken it upon himself to combat deliberately planted misleading content in online publications. Essentially, such content works in favor of insurance companies who would rather not pay or pay as little as possible to homeowners who submit claims. This is happening as many property owners in Pensacola have suffered damage to their houses and commercial establishments because of Hurricane Ian. 

While there are proverbial rotten eggs that are out to make a quick buck in the aftermath of this natural calamity, the vast majority of public adjusters are conscientious about helping common people get their houses in order, literally. There are thousands of homeowners in Florida who are grateful for the professional services provided by businesses such as Tailored Loss Consultants.

Chad Schmitt is passionate about helping distressed property owners get fairly compensated by insurers. He knows he does good work, especially when an event like Hurricane Ian happens and people need help so that they don’t get shortchanged by the insurance adjusters. Chad opines public adjusters and claims appraisers do valuable work, and negative press hurts their credibility. 

Worse, it discourages homeowners from approaching honest public adjusters who are well-placed to help them in their hour of need. Without an experienced public adjuster, homeowners can lose months or more negotiating with insurers for money that is rightfully theirs. 

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Chad Schmitt of Tailored Loss Consultants said, “Nonpartisan research conducted by the Office of Program Policy Analysis found that homeowners who hire public adjusters get significantly more from insurers for their claims. They found that, on average, homeowners who work with public adjusters get 574% more for their claims than those who filed their own non-catastrophic claims. It goes up to a 747% increase for those who have catastrophic claims. Insurers want you to believe that the extra amount clients who work with public adjusters receive is not deserved.

They want you to believe that these are unfair costs that are breaking the backbone of home insurance in Florida

But that is not true. The difference in money homeowners get from working with a public adjuster is money they were owed in their policy, but the insurance company tried to deny them. 

Clients who get more than their initial claim award are not abusing the system; they are getting what they were promised in their policy in exchange for paying their premiums. They paid their premiums. They deserve a fair claim award that helps them rebuild their home, as promised.”

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Tailored Loss Consultants works with policyholders to ensure that their claims are recognized. It employs qualified engineers and experts to evaluate premises after hurricane, fire, or storm damage. The business’s inspection and appraisal services uncover damage that could otherwise go unnoticed.

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