Heather Fidler Shares Productive Meditation through Mandala Art

November 11 15:42 2022
A contemporary artist is introducing a relaxing art form that highlights enchanting circular patterns.

Regardless of the era, people can draw inspiration and peace from art. This is the kind of solace that contemporary mandala artist Heather Fidler found. She is based in Indianapolis and has been creating mind bending geometric art that many enjoy.

Learning about Mandalas in art and geometry classes during her younger years inspired the fascination that she now has. “I love the idea that art could also embody math and science,” Heather said. Mandala means circle in Sanskrit. These circular patterns are all around us and that’s where Heather draws her inspiration. Heather says: “I love that I get to learn about so many things that interest me like geometry, biological structures, microorganisms, and cultural uses of the mandala and at the same time create something beautiful.”

Heather believes that creating art can be very therapeutic but there is something about Mandalas that is even more healing. “When I am drawing it feels like a meditation. I call it Productive Meditation. I get hyper-focused on the act of drawing. It is very relaxing.” Rooted in the dynamic energy of Mandalas, her designs pull from geometry and color choices evoke the feeling she wants the piece to express. Her pieces are captivating because of her meticulous attention to detail. The results have a magical quality.

Though Heather works in other mediums, she prefers using colored pencils and ink on paper or an artboard. Check out her art on her website at http://www.heatherfidler.com/ and on Instagram.

About Heather Fidler

Heather Fidler is a contemporary mandala artist from Indianapolis, IN. Her art explores nature, geometry, science, religion, and physics. After selling her first Mandala piece in 1st grade, she knew she’d get comfortable in creating more artistic pieces that give her the freedom to share her art with the world while enjoying the calmness it brings.

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