The structure and working principle of slewing rings

November 11 15:02 2022

Slewing bearing is also called “rotary bearing” because its shape resembles a plate. The diameter is usually 0.2~10 meters. It is a large bearing capable of bear axial and radial loads and overturning torque.  Slewing bearing is composed of inner ring, outer ring,ball or roller, isolation block or cage, lubricating oil hole and sealing device, so it can make the main engine design compact structure.

The structure of slewing rings: Slewing rings are usually separated from each other by separate nylon spacers.  This structure can maintain the stability of motion and is widely used.  Special applications need to use special ball or roller isolation block, such as copper, aluminum and other high temperature Isolation block.  Generally installed on the horizontal shaft bearings or continuous rotation of the generator and the use of high requirements for positioning and reliability of the slewing support, can be used strip composite cage.

slewing bearing
slew ring

Slewing bearings work on a simple principle: they move objects by sliding or rolling to reduce friction.  

Specifically, slewing bearings rely mainly on lubrication and friction to achieve operation.  Inside, it relies on the mutual friction of ball bearings and steel rings to play the purpose of operation, and outside, it also relies on the friction of slewing bearing and other components to start operation, mutual friction, thus driving the operation of the object.  Because its use is to carry more heavy large objects, the centripetal force of itself is very high, which is also decided by its working principle, so the steel that also needs to be able to ensure quality.

turntable bearing
ball bearing

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