NYC Photographer Mario Amean Makes His Clients Shine in Photos

November 16 14:51 2022
NYC Photographer Mario Amean Makes His Clients Shine in Photos

New York City is captivating, and the city always presents neverending opportunities for great memories and amazing photos. Mario Amean is a professional photographer based in New York, and he loves working with clients who want to capture some New York magic. He has extensive experience in portrait photography and nighttime shoots and has worked with different types of clients. The results of photoshoots are always stunning when Mario Amean’s expert eye is behind the camera.

Mario Amean is enamored with the sights and unique atmosphere of New York City. His photos always capture the thriving hum of the city while still centering around his clients. As a photographer, Mario knows his clients will have better photos when they are relaxed and having fun at the photoshoot. So he goes above and beyond to give his clients a fun and memorable time in the shoot while delivering expert skills in photography.

Photography has always been one of Mario Amean’s passions. His father is a photographer, as are several other family members, including his three siblings. Since he was 10, Mario Amean worked with his father, assisting him as he photographed his clients. “My family is originally from Egypt, and my father used to own several photography studios there for professional photography work,” Mario shared, “I started working with him when I was 10. And when we moved to New York City, I continued working with my father and honing my own skills and photography style.”

Immersed in photography since he was a child, Mario Amean has developed into a highly skilled professional photographer. His portrait work always lives up to client expectations. Creativity, passion, and artistry shine through all the photos Mario takes, and these factors make him a sought-after professional photographer in New York.

Mario Amean also wants to spread the love of the craft to other aspiring photographers. He teaches several photography classes specifically geared toward individuals who want to become professionals in the industry. Mario teaches them various photography concepts, different skills and styles, as well as post-processing photos they take. “There is a lot we do in-camera, but editing and post-processing is also a huge part of a photographer’s job,” Mario shared.

Social media has been an excellent tool for professionals, and Mario Amean takes full advantage of the platform to get his work out there. Mario posts most of his photography on his Instagram page. As a result, potential clients can see for themselves what makes Mario’s artistic style unique and what makes working with him a fun and memorable experience. To make booking photoshoots easier, Mario and his two brothers created and launched their photography app KLIK PHOTOGRAPHY. Mario explained, “We decided to create this app so our clients will have an easy, great, and fun experience when they book us for their photo shoot.”

Mario Amean is a consummate professional and a highly-skilled photographer. He has been in this industry for over 15 years, and his skills continue to develop and improve with each passing year. “My work stands out, and anyone can see my photos when they check my Instagram page. Working with clients brings me so much joy. And anyone looking for a professional photographer in New York can contact me for their next photoshoot,” Mario Amean said.

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