CP Business Services On a Mission to Elevate American Businesses

November 18 20:57 2022
CP Business Services is a premier american business consultancy offering bespoke business elevation services.

CP Business Services was founded by a highly experienced business owner, professional consultant and mother of three, Ms. Chantel “The Boss” Price. 

The catalog of CP Business Services encompasses business start-up, website designing, business funding, bookkeeping, accounting, tax services, and more. 

As the founder and owner of multiple highly successful businesses across Philadelphia and Miami areas, Ms. Chantel aims to extend her knowledge and skills regarding business leadership to her clients. Chantel Price has a bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. 

Aside from CP Business Services, Ms. Price founded and is leading Boss Up Accessories, Elevations Event Center, PBoxing Promotions, and L’Levate Dance Studio, as well as Pricecation: A Miami Vacation Experience. Chantel knows that creating a new business can be extremely challenging but emphasizes that guiding a new company toward sustainable success is just as important. 

Ms. Chantel Price has leveraged her experience with company start-up and governance into leading CP Business Services to the top of the ladder. With numerous clients nationwide and globally, CP Business Services is reshaping the business space one firm at a time. 

CP Business Services has already helped hundreds of american businesses realize their true potential and reach new heights. Ms. Chantel’s breadth of knowledge in the fields of funding, legalization, tax, and accounting was invaluable to her clients whose firms experienced rapid growth after working with CP Business Services. 

The full suite of services Ms. Price offers via CP Business Services features everything an emerging firm needs to smoothly sail into competitive waters. From drafting a solid business plan and pinpointing an attractive location to funding assistance and professional bookkeeping Ms. Price ensured no stone is left unturned when it comes to helping her clients reach their desired goals. 

A consulting session with CP Business Services is always different and is meant to cater to the specific needs of each client. Ms. Price leaves emphasizes that understanding the personality, background, and aspirations of individual prospects is equally important as creating a bespoke strategy that will propel their businesses to triumph. 

Initially, CP Business Services will help aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners choose a unique company name, pick a suitable business structure, create a future-proof business plan, and set up bookkeeping software to automate this otherwise fairly complex and time-consuming process. 

After ensuring that the basics are covered, CP Business Services will work with its clients on designing compelling graphics and animations for their websites, copyrights, trademarking, and accounting. 

For businesses that may have taken a wrong turn and damaged their credit score in the process, CP Business Services will do everything necessary to repair it. 

Ms. Chantel Price is also an official IRS electronic tax preparer, helping her clients prepare the necessary documentation and edifying them about the fundamentals regarding IRS requirements, forms, and other relevant details. 

Currently, Ms. Price is branching off into nationwide ventures and working with long-time clients on improving their growth and competitiveness. 

More information about CP Business Services is available on the firm’s official website

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