Yomisma’s versatile, eco-friendly duster with pockets is comfortable, durable, and sustainable

November 24 20:34 2022
Yomisma introduces its innovative, eco-friendly, ultra-soft duster with pockets that is ultra-kind on the skin and elevates every outfit.

Yomisma, a slow fashion clothing brand, is one step closer to its mission of impacting a million lives with sustainable clothing items handmade by artisans making a fair wage. The brand is transforming the clothing market by introducing its versatile, eco-friendly, ultra-soft duster with pockets, every woman’s dream.

The brand stands firm in response to sustainability in the clothing industry. The fashion industry is among the top producers of waste on the planet. This necessitates an eco-conscious solution that doesn’t have significant environmental implications. According to the founder Victoria Contreras, starting an eco-friendly clothing brand is the ideal way to inspire change that encourages people to treat the environment with care and treat employees fairly by paying a fair wage in a healthy work environment.  

More than being an eco-conscious brand, Yomisma was born out of a passion for empowering people to embrace themselves. Yomisma, which means self in Spanish, encourages people to listen to themselves, be kind, believe in themselves, and embrace who they are without reservations. Victoria shares that she feels the most herself when she is feeling powerful and confident in what she is wearing, and the duster has helped her do that. As a fashion designer, musician, songwriter, and entrepreneur, it is important that she looks and feels great everywhere. The Yomisma duster helps her achieve that.

Yomisma clothing provides the perfect solution for women seeking luxury dusters that are not only sustainable but also comfortable, durable, and soft on their skin. It is the type of garment that you can throw on over literally any outfit and instantly elevate your look. While the world has embraced comfort, this piece feels like silk pajamas yet looks professional and powerful. Yomisma stands firmly on its ethical standards that echo across every aspect of the brand. The Yomisma duster takes a creative, sustainable approach to make something intentional out of waste dumped in oceans with all harsh chemicals removed. “We believe intentional clothing has the power to transform our day,” said Victoria Contreras, the founder of Yomisma.

The Yomisma duster offers customers the ideal fashion item to elevate any outfit. Made primarily from recycled materials, every duster made helps remove plastic from the ocean. The duster features patent-pending adjustable sleeves, roomy pockets, and bold prints. Forty plastic bottles from the bottom of the ocean are used to create each duster – made of 67% recycled poly and 33% ultra-soft blend.

This is just the starting place for Yomisma. They are constantly evolving their practices and are working on a circularity program to lengthen the lifespan of their garments. They are also considering biodegradable textile options and using deadstock for future collections.

The dusters are handmade by expert artisans in the U.S. who earn a fair wage. The brand is committed to no waste, meaning that the dusters are produced in limited quantities. This aspect has made these dusters quite popular, with everyone trying to get their hands on one.

Yomisma dusters all have hidden affirmations sewn into each sleeve. Customers can order custom dusters with their initials embroidered or personalize their affirmations making this a perfect holiday gift. Yomisma takes great pride in the quality of each duster handmade by artisans. The ultra-soft versatile dusters are created to help people elevate any outfit and feel powerful and confident while protecting the environment.

To learn more about Yomisma or place an order on a duster, follow the brand on social media or visit the website.

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