Miacis King of Canine launches its decentralized project, Miacis Token.

November 24 21:07 2022
Miacis is the breed of extinct carnivores that were the ancestors of modern caniforms, which incorporate the canids like dogs, coyotes, wolves, foxes and jackals as well as huge gathering comprise of the bears, raccoons and weasel families.


Miacis Token is a decentralized cryptocurrency launched by Miacis. It is named after the Miacis, a North American, European, Asian breed or group of carnivores found in the fossil in the late Paleocene Epoch around 56-66 million years ago. Miacis is a community based token which leads the community more than the other tokens. Recently, Miacis Token design from the Paleocene Epoch to the Ethereum Blockchain to set down deep roots.

 Miacis is the ancient ancestor of many animals on the planet. Miacis emerges as the King of animals, from dogs to cats none of these animals exist without evolving from Miacis. Miacis is the sign of power that brought life and longevity to the Canine family.

 When talking about Miacis’s background, the Miacis existed when dinosaurs actually were alive on the planet just like small creatures, size equivalent as modern day squirrels. After the dinosaurs, these creatures were able to fill the environmental role that the dinosaurs used to occupy. The earlier group of Miacis were mostly tree staying and sufficient of reversing their back feet much as squirrels do during climbing on the tree. The back limbs were longer than the forelimbs and the hip was the same as a dog’s shape and formation. The Miacis family legacy began when the dinosaur became extinct.


Miacis had first developed into a Cynodictis, the first true dog. Cynodictis was a normal sized creature which had a long body and long furry hair tail. After Cynodictis, a lot more ancient creatures led up to all modern dogs. Without Miacis the creatures would be nonexistent on the planet. Cynodictis is the well recognized dog form, commonly known as Godfather of all dogs and Miacis known as the King.

About Miacis King of Canine:

Miacis King of Canine is a newly established platform which is working on animal based cryptocurrency. Recently, Miacis is glad to announce that the platform is going to launch its first decentralized token, with many hidden utilities/giveaways for all their holders! There are a lot of things in the works and it seems like this is only the beginning of the Miacis legacy on the Blockchain!

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