DOFA Introduces the DOFA H1 2000W Electric Moped

November 28 17:42 2022
DOFA, a Chinese manufacturer of electric mopeds, introduces their DOFA H1 2000W Electric Mopeds.

DOFA is a high-quality electric two-wheeler and three-wheeler Chinese manufacturer that develops, manufactures, and distributes electric moped scooters, electric motorcycles, and electric tricycles. Their vision is to become the go-to source for overseas electric mopeds and electric motorcycle partners.

The team at DOFA promises to offer their customers an ultimate driving experience that is convenient, safe, free, and comfortable.  

DOFA Team is pleased to present the H1 2000W, its newest electric moped. They are based in Wuxi, China, which is known to be the world’s largest electric bike manufacturing center.

“We are committed to providing a one-stop service for all customers, allowing you to select or customize any style you desire. We are a reputable electric moped manufacturer. Our H1 2000W moped comes in a variety of new styles and colors. The constant power output of the motor ensures that it runs quietly in all road conditions and that it perfectly balances performance and low energy consumption,” recently stated a representative of DOFA.

The H1 2000W Electric Moped scooter was designed for long-distance travel. This has aided DOFA’s customers’ success in their various markets. The H1 2000W can ride for up to 120 miles on two separate lithium batteries. It is appropriate for delivery, community, and other applications. They upgraded the H1’s tires and headlights to make their electric moped stand out and be more reliable on and off the road.

Their products include electric mopeds, electric motorcycles, and electric tricycles. They sell their electric mopeds to the B2B market, which provides for importers, wholesalers, and retailers.

All of DOFA’s products are now available to worldwide wholesale markets.

DOFA advocates for affordable and environmentally friendly energy, making it the best choice for wholesale electric moped companies and retailers. Here are a few factors which determine the cost of their electric mopeds.

–  Power of the Motor

A more powerful motor enables the e-moped to climb steeper inclines and navigate more challenging road conditions. The faster the vehicle, the more influential the engine.

–  Battery Capacity

Longer charging intervals are associated with higher battery capacity. The electric moped can travel longer distances on a single charge, resulting in a lower carbon footprint and greater commuter convenience.

–  Other Features and Accessories

Large-capacity cargo boxes, LCD/TFT cockpits, hydraulic shock absorbers, ABS, CBS, and high-efficiency chain systems are all options that raise the cost of electric mopeds. 

DOFA’s mission is to master electric vehicle innovation and core technology, adhere to international safety and quality standards, and provide the world with superior electric mobility solutions. Their team is excited to present the DOFA H1 2000W Electric Moped. Each experienced team member is committed to providing their clients the best result, exceptional customer service, and reliable products.

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