Aramax – The World’s First Ecosystem Driven by a Passion for Community and a Set of Utility, Equity and Stable Tokens for trade

March 21 03:50 2023
Aramax - The World’s First Ecosystem Driven by a Passion for Community and a Set of Utility, Equity and Stable Tokens for trade

Aramax Ecosystem has proved itself to be the world’s first decentralised, deflationary, community driven offering utility, equity and stable tokens. They advance in the world of tokenomics. In easy terms, by tokens, we mean they have their Aramax (ARMX) coins in the market for you to trade-in. The utility tokens offered by Aramax is a special crypto asset offering real world value to you, the investors. ARMX from the Aramax Ecosystem follows a token protocol of auto reflection, LP acquisition and Auto Burn.

These crypto tokens serve as the transactional units, representing a certain unit of value for secure blockchain based ledger payments. With the significant rise in the number of cryptocurrencies, investing in tokens is considered to be a strong move in this digital ecosystem. The main benefit of tokenomics is that it provides a more complete analysis of how coins work in their respective networks and permits teams to design new models or adapt to an existing one that fits the aim of the project. It is the art of token economics that Aramax deals-in with.

Aramax Ecosystem is a part of the Polygon platform – an Indian Blockchain Platform launched in 2020. Polygon aims to create a multi-chain blockchain ecosystem and ARMX is part of this evolving environment.  Their approach relies around a 7% transaction charge that is redistributed to token holders, implying that an individual can earn more ARMX by keeping it in their wallet. Furthermore, a 3% transaction fee is applied to liquidity, and the dead wallet controls 45% or more of the supply. As a result, more than 45% of the 7% of reflections are sent to the dead wallet in each transaction, and therefore coins are burned with each on chain transaction.  Aramax has been audited by a third party and has burned and locked the majority of the LP tokens making it one of the fastest growing and most loved communities in crypto.

The Aramax ecosystem is a vast array of products that includes

  1. a DEX on polygon called ARAMEX, where users can swap their tokens
  2. a community focussed NFT collection called NFTREX that gives their holders access to exclusive events, special sales & a lot of unique benefits
  3. a stable currency backed by dollars called SMAX
  4. a card based payment solution which can be used in ATM, POS, etc. called CREDX
  5. a payment app with the ability to receive, send & exchange tokens & fiats called PAYMAX 
  6. a peer to peer crypto exchange called P2MAX
  7. a NFT marketplace for buying & selling NFTs based on polygon blockchain called ARAX, and 
  8. a tokenized Real Estate of EMAX. 

The brand Aramax, strives to include everyone from around the globe and believes that the power of community is supreme. Its highly secure and stable foundation with high profits making it an increasingly popular choice among enthusiasts from all around the world. Aramax is consistently vested in making the consumer experience better through its policies of transparency, consistency and integrity.

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