American Singer Lance Clay JR Releases His Latest Multi-Genre Album, “Internally Flawless”

March 28 02:54 2023

Lance clay JR is an American singer from Inglewood CA, Lance started out producing for various artists in and around the LA area. He later started producing music for celebrities such as Slim400, YG, Lil Mexico DwFlame, and later moved on to do soundtracks for TV commercials and Movies. Lance Clay JR is set to Release his first album this year, this project is going to have various genres from EDM To Pop And R&B.

Lance clay JR started his musical career at an early age with the Kingdom Kids, a choir started by Crystal Davis located at St Andrew gardens in south LA. He performed alongside Aja Baptiste, Jared Smith, Ronald Bolden, Larrance Dopson, D Ray Smith Alexandria Dopson, Eddie Hayley and many other great members of the choir. He says that this early childhood experiences are the reason he is musically inclined today.  Be on the lookout for Lance Clay Jr and his new masterpiece’s being released soon across all digital music platforms.

Lance Clay Jr got a taste of what the future may be like, and he discovered his love. His work with the Kingdom Kids honed his musical ear and voice range. As he progressed, he began producing for numerous artists in and around Los Angeles. Lance Clay Jr’s collaborations featured major musicians including as the late Slim400, YG, Lil Mexico, and DwFlame. Soon after, he applied his knowledge to the film industry, creating soundtracks for TV advertisements and movies.

As a skilled artist in his own right, he has been working on his own project in the shape of his 2023 album, “Internally Flawless.” The project combines numerous genres such as EDM, Pop, and R&B to produce a seamless masterpiece. Lance Clay Jr. continues to demonstrate a level of originality and musical structure that is uncommon in today’s market. Fans have already began praising his album’s distinct style and engaging tracks, which are currently accessible on digital platforms. Follow the emerging star and listen to his album “Internally Flawless” on Spotify.

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