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March 30 08:26 2023

When feelings and emotions get overwhelming, it’s hard to know what to do. Sometimes we require a helping hand. MISSION ELIXIR seeks to be this helping hand to any individual around the world, regardless of where they are situated. According to the World Health Organisation In 2019, 1 in every 8 people globally had their mental well-being effected. In recent years, there has been increasing acknowledgement of the important role mental health plays in achieving global development goals, as illustrated by the inclusion of mental health in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Some of the initiatives by MISSION ELIXIR include, conducting weekly webinars accessible globally that discusses various topics ranging from health and wellness, career coaching, innovation, mental health along with guest speakers from various walks of life. Registration is free at the MISSION ELIXIR Website. MISSION ELIXIR also seeks to expand its reach to universities and institutions to provide a helping hand to students who are suffering from mental unease. Catalysing upon music and motion picture as a medium in a collaboration with Global Halo Studios.

We as a team look at the broader picture to bring into reality, there are multiple superheroes in our society, who don’t even talk about their stories and internal powers. Hero’s are not in the movies they exist in real life. We at MISSION ELIXIR will bring multiple true stories to you through our events, webinars or even personal development coaching. Moreover, we as humans of this era are so pressurised with our peer groups that we don’t speak about our petty issues, We at MISSION ELXIR are all ears to you, no matter how small or big your issue is, step up and speak. In this world of social media, subliminally we do compare our lives with others, reality isn’t in those short 10 second reels it’s much more beyond that which we don’t share it online. It’s never too late to stand up. Reach out to us, we will extend a helping hand.


Sometimes we’re stuck in a situation and can’t see a solution. LIFE ELIXIR™ seeks to provide an ELIXIR to those who’ve been cornered into a situation and need a helping hand.


Sometimes, we’re stuck in chronic pain or a disease that impacts our quality of life. HEALING ELIXIR™ seeks improve the quality of life of effected individuals, and possibly provide a lasting cure.


Love is extremely powerful; it may transform a person or even act as a painkiller. Love can bring a person out of depression.

MISSION ELIXIR started as a clothing brand in an attempt to save a suicidal person. Due to military operations the individual lost his job and was pressured into taking loans from banks and friends to provide for his family. Unable to repay the loan, the individual was pressured to commit suicide to stop banks from taking possession of his family’s home. The banks restricted travel for the individual until the loan was paid. To extend a helping hand, MISSION ELIXIR started selling garments to gather funds to repay the loan, from there on MISSION ELIXIR became a not-for-profit (NPO) organization with a much bigger mission.

MISSION ELIXIR also works closely with SILVERSEVEN a global venture builder, management and social impact firm to develop career development courses and rebuild the lives by providing business solutions along with personal development coaching. A platform that can provide free of cost therapy and build a knowledge base that can be accessed by anyone. Organizations, SME’s, Start-Ups can contribute towards MISSION ELIXIR by providing funds that are used to take MISSION ELIXIR forward.

MISSION ELIXIR seeks to become a global platform providing personal development coaching, mental health wellness initiatives. The organisation conducts research and development into innovative healthcare technologies and methodologies such as advanced healing systems along with ancient healing systems / naturopathy. When you buy a MISSION ELIXIR product you contribute towards saving a life.

Shop our products at www.missionelixir.com. Be a superhero, save a life.

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