Author Norman Currey’s “Airplane Stories and Histories” is a touching tribute to the unsung aviators

March 31 14:48 2023

“Airplane Stories and Histories” has earned global recognition from readers across the globe, garnering remarkable reviews in various digital bookstores. The novel is described as “an excellent base” for a large variety of readers and offers a fascinating read about significant moments in aviation history.

Author Norman Currey offers a touching tribute to the brave and often unsung aviators and innovators in his highly acclaimed novel, “Airplane Stories and Histories.”

In the book, Currey brings a comprehensive overview of airplane evolution, where he pays tribute to individuals who have become influential in the aviation industry. 

Falon Charles-Jabri, in a review, praised Norman Currey for bringing an impressive book that chronicles about two hundred years of aviation highlights.

“The book is well-researched, and the author does exceptionally well detailing what appears to be his passion, aeroplanes. His passion and warmth infuse his writing, opening them up to readers of all ages, regardless of their preexisting interest in flight,” wrote Falon. 

In the book’s initial chapter, Currey delivers a chronological account of his career and aviation experience. The subsequent chapters revolve around the contributions to aviation made by Sir George Cayley, known and dubbed as “The Father of Aerial Navigation” and “Father of Aviation.” Cayley, an English designer, creator, and pilot, determined the four forces that act on a heavier-than-air flying vehicle: weight, drag, lift, and thrust. Cayley went on to become one of the most prominent individuals throughout the entire existence of flight.

Moreover, Currey talks at length about the alterations done to airplanes, the course of aviation engineering, and many more. His dips into the technical information of different planes may pose a challenge for modern men and women with only a passing interest in aviation engineering. The author’s deep background, which is obviously incorporated in the book, makes the novel jampacked with crucial insights into the aviation industry.

In a review, John Manhold said “Airplane Stories and Histories” is well-research and “an excellent base for a large variety of readers.”

“This is a book that I believe thoroughly will be enjoyed. It does not matter whether you are a passenger or see a notice about a plane on which you might soon be a passenger, interested in the occasional media announcement with respect to new types of aircraft in today’s headline-developing warfare, or perhaps the even less frequent story about former flyers who may or may not still be with us, all are stimulating to read,” wrote John.

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