Webhakim.com: Bringing Impartial and Quality News to Turkey

March 31 23:33 2023
The Turkish news website, Webhakim.com, provides standard news content to its users. The website has become a popular source of information for people across Turkey, offering up-to-date news, technology, software, mobile, and social media content. The team behind Webhakim.com is committed to maintaining impartiality, quality, and user experience.

Webhakim.com, a Turkish news website, has provided its users with up-to-date news, technology, mobile, software, and social media content in plain and straightforward language for about four years. Since its establishment in 2016, Webhakim.com has become a go-to source for people from every region of Turkey looking for unbiased and quality news.

The core team of Webhakim.com consists of four people, Yunus Emre, Mustafa, Muhammed, and Samet Bey, who keep the website’s impartiality, quality, and user experience at the highest level. Mustafa handles all technical infrastructure and general works, and Yunus Emre manages the SEO infrastructure and technical regulation of the entered content. Muhammed Bey is responsible for news content and current social media monitoring, and Samet Bey is accountable for the content entries on the software.

“Our mission is that everyone who enters Webhakim.com and shares content feels special and does not encounter empty information,” says the team behind Webhakim.com. The website values doing all its work without harming the environment, persons, or institutions and aim to serve the sector for many years with honest and correct sharing.

In its first year, without Google News registration, Webhakim.com successfully attracted 24,000 hits in one day with a single news, leaving behind big sites like Sabah and Hürriyet and even appearing on Google Trends. The website boasts 222.12K monthly visitors and has Google News and Yandex.Zen records are available.

Webhakim.com plans to continue to grow in the fields of current news, technological developments, software, and mobile and become one of the best news sites in Turkey. The website covers various categories: education, general information, examinations, technology, software, mobile, social media, the internet, and games.

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