Shmush! Vitamin Health Biscuits – First-Ever Day and Night Health Regime for Dogs

April 04 22:55 2023
Two unique formulas help fight free radicals in the morning and increase immunity at night, so our furry friends can live the longest and healthiest life possible.

How/Why We Started:

Shmush! Vitamin Health Biscuits were created by a double board-certified Physician and a world-renowned dog breeder. They both share a passion and common vision for the health, happiness and longevity of all beings. With their strong love for dogs, backed by years of medical science behind health and vitality, Hillel and Michelle have dedicated themselves to creating products that are designed to improve and maintain optimal health and wellness for our best friends. Combining 40 years of healthcare and a true understanding of physiology and pathology, we are applying this to our most loyal and devoted family members, our dogs.

Breakfast Biscuit:

Shmush! Breakfast Biscuits are given first thing in the morning. They are rich in Anti-oxidants, vitamins, nutrients, digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics. Anti-oxidants are the Superheroes for your dog’s cells. Anti-oxidants help our dogs live healthier, longer lives. They fight free radicals that can harm our dog’s normal cells. The Shmush! Breakfast Biscuit was created by using only the finest organic, nutrient-dense Superfoods.

BedTime Biscuit:

Shmush! BedTime Biscuits are given once at night. They are designed to increase and strengthen our dog’s immune system to protect against sickness and disease. The organic Superfoods used to create this Bedtime Biscuit are loaded with beneficial compounds that help boost immunity for the rest of their lives. Years of professional medical experience combined with using our organic combination of superfoods with world renowned showdogs, have built the words LONGEVITY, NATURAL, HEALTHY, & PURITY.

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