Greek Myths Unveils its Collection of Educational Mobile Apps on Greek Mythology for Children and Adults

September 21 22:14 2023
The collection features three mobile apps that are designed to present the best of Greek Mythology in a humorous and postive way making it ideal for both adults and children

Greek Myths, an educational resource platform developed by Robert Hamilton, is pleased to announce the release of the Iliapps, mobile apps on Greek Mythology. The Iliapps feature some of the best Greek myths and legends that have awed generations. Robert has meticulously curated the content, complementing it with photographic imagery to create a perfect blend of education and humor for every family member.

There has been a wave of platforms, movies, books, and much more that have offered insight into Greek myths, but the apps developed by Greek Myths provide a refreshing and entertaining perspective on the subject matter. One of the noteworthy facts behind the development of these mobile apps by Greek Myths is that they are based on records from ancient Greek chroniclers and writers from 700 – 300 BCE. These include the chroniclers such as Hesiod and Apollodorus, Eratosthenes and his catasterisms, epic writers such as Homer and Apollonius, and playwrights including Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides.

What sets the Iliapps by Greek Myths apart from other works on Greek mythology is that they focus on positive aspects and are infused with humor. The apps boast modern photographic imagery generated by AI and a reader-friendly design with smooth scrolling and navigation. They include:

  • Greek Myths 4 Kids
  • Greek Myths – Fun Facts and
  • Greek Myths – Women + Heroes + Fantastic Beasts

There is also an app version in the Chinese language.

To encourage learning and engagement, the Iliapps by Greek Myths feature light, short quizzes that test a user’s understanding after they read each section of information. These captivating apps are available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. For more information and links, please visit

About the Producer of the Iliapps

Robert Hamilton is the founder of the Iliapps on Greek mythology. He has traveled widely exploring ancient cultures in Latin and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. With a deep interest in spirituality, he has researched world religions and authored Caduceus: A New Perspective on Historical Knowledge and Spirituality. He has read extensively on ancient philosophy and mythology from across the globe. It was partly due to sharing these interests with his son that led to the production of these educational but entertaining apps.

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