MowingMagic Reveals Their Incredible New Online Tool for Measuring Any Lawn With Just a Few Easy Steps

September 29 23:27 2023
With no measuring tapes or equipment needed, the brand-new lawn measuring tool from MowingMagic is quick and easy to use. This revolutionary new online option allows homeowners to quickly determine the perimeter and square footage of their yards for accurate landscaping purchases.

One of the most challenging parts of purchasing landscaping items, from sod to fertilizer to lawnmowing services, is knowing how large a yard really is. For a long time, the only option was to either guess and end up with far too much or too little product or spend an incredibly long time and strenuous amount of effort manually measuring the yard from one end to the other.  

Neither of these options has to happen anymore with MowingMagic. This all-purpose lawn company has developed a life-changing tool that will be every homeowner’s best friend when it’s time for lawn care.  

The Lawn Size Measurement Tool from MowingMagic 

This new tool is incredibly easy to use, with only three total steps. Once on the page, a satellite map will appear. Step one is just to enter the address of the property being measured. The map will locate that property in just seconds, bringing the homeowner to step two. Step two is even easier. Simply zoom in or out to the perfect view. Step three is just a matter of dropping a few pins on the yard’s perimeter, and that yard’s measurements will automatically populate to be used.  


The lawn size measurement tool from MowingMagic is incredibly accurate and a game-changer for anyone trying to complete changes to their property. Any lawn care item can be purchased confidently with the knowledge of how long, how wide, the square footage, and even the total perimeter length.  

Fences can quickly be measured, and with the square footage, knowing how much fertilizer or grass seed to get is a breeze.  

This completely free tool has been provided as a courtesy by MowingMagic for anyone to use to their benefit, making lives far easier and lawn care stress-free.  

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