Unleash Financial Freedom with “Money Shackles” – A Breakthrough Book by Dutch Mendenhall

October 04 09:06 2023
Unleash Financial Freedom with "Money Shackles" - A Breakthrough Book by Dutch Mendenhall
Discover the Power of Alternative Investments to Beat Inflation, Build Stability, and Ensure Your Family’s Future

Tampa, FL – October 3rd, 2023 – CEO and Founder of RAD Diversified, Dutch Mendenahll, is proud to announce his latest book,”Money Shackles,” a comprehensive guide that empowers readers to break free from the constraints of traditional investments and pave their way towards financial freedom.

 This groundbreaking book introduces a strategic approach to alternative investments that promises to transform the way individuals secure their financial futures.

“This is the greatest financial book you could own. ‘Money Shackles’ allows people to invest today differently than ever before. It gives you back your freedom.” – Dutch Mendenhall

In an era of economic uncertainty, “Money Shackles” serves as a beacon of enlightenment, offering a roadmap to navigate the complex worlds of investment through step-by-step processes that is a counternarrative to Wall Street. Through meticulous research and a wealth of practical insights, Dutch reveals the keys to unlocking financial independence.

Key Highlights of “Money Shackles”:

  • Defying Inflation and Market Volatility: This book equips readers with the tools to shield their wealth from the erosive effects of inflation and the unpredictable fluctuations of Wall Street. By embracing alternative investments, individuals can safeguard their hard-earned money and maintain financial stability regardless of external market forces.

  • Real Estate Mastery: Mendenhall delves deep into the realm of real estate, demonstrating how readers can generate consistent income and build equity without the headaches of traditional landlord responsibilities. His expertise unveils the secrets to thriving in real estate even amidst rising interest rates.

  • Investing with a Peace of Mind: With an emphasis on risk reduction and tax efficiency, “Money Shackles” educates readers on crafting a diversified investment portfolio that minimizes vulnerabilities. By tapping into alternative investment avenues, individuals can achieve both financial security and tranquility.

  • Empowering Legacy: The book also addresses the significance of asset protection and legacy building. Through astute insights, readers learn how to ensure a prosperous future for their families, leaving a lasting financial legacy that spans generations.

“If you follow the steps in ‘Money Shackles’ and get right with your finances, then it can put you back in control over your money, control over your freedom, and control over your destiny.” – Dutch Mendenhall

The official launch of “Money Shackles” is an Amazon bestseller, and is available for purchase through major bookstores, online retailers, and Dutch Mendenhall’s official website.

For more information about “Money Shackles” and Dutch Mendenhall, please visit www.moneyshackles.com. To request review copies or schedule an interview with the author, please contact:

Annette Mims

Publicist, Otter Public Relations

[email protected]

About Dutch Mendenhall:

Dutch Mendenhall is a husband, father, American patriot, and gifted visionary. He leads by example and doesn’t believe in quitting. His leadership across six real estate investment funds combines the science of advanced analytics with new-age Artificial Intelligence, resulting in formidable industry-leading performance. In 2007, Dutch turned his strengths from a career coaching baseball toward consulting in the real estate industry. He became a highly sought-after thought leader for developing real estate education and training.

Dutch has helped thousands of investors earn millions of dollars in real estate revenue. Yet, he knew that a greater purpose still lay ahead. Then, in 2015, Dutch had a vision for what would become RAD Diversified. An exclusive way for his students to partner with him on real estate investments. He felt the calling to help others secure a future for themselves and their families through the power of real estate done right and done together.

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