croit Announces Near-infinite Scalability Towards 1 Exabyte of Storage

October 04 09:18 2023
croit Announces Near-infinite Scalability Towards 1 Exabyte of Storage

In a monumental announcement on September 29, 2023, CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, revealed that they have achieved an astonishing milestone: 1 Exabyte of open-source storage. While this achievement underscores the power of open-source storage, the broader implications extend to businesses worldwide. However, many organizations face challenges in managing open-source storage at this scale, from the complexities of deployment to the cost of hiring experts.

CERN’s achievement highlights the tremendous potential of open-source storage.This is when croit steps in to make open source storage easy for organizations without the resources of CERN.  croit for Ceph is a game-changing software appliance that empowers organizations of all sizes to harness the scalability and cost-effectiveness of open-source Ceph storage, without the need for an extensive team of Ceph experts.

Key Features of croit for Ceph include seamless installation and upgrades, allowing organizations to deploy or enhance a Ceph cluster in minutes, eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone processes of traditional methods. Efficient management is another hallmark, enabling each Linux administrator to effectively oversee up to 20 Petabytes of storage, streamlining the management of extensive storage environments. Furthermore, croit facilitates cost-efficient operations, allowing organizations to run a flash storage service for as little as $.003/GB/mo, leading to a substantial reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO).

Compared to traditional commercial storage solutions, croit for Ceph offers unmatched benefits. A typical enterprise managing twenty Petabytes of storage might require a substantial team of storage administrators and a complex vendor ecosystem, resulting in a TCO that’s ten times more than with croit.  croit for Ceph allows that same enterprise to operate twenty Petabytes of file, block, and object storage per Linux administrator.  

“At croit, we’re dedicated to democratizing open-source storage solutions, making them accessible to organizations of all sizes.” said Martin Verges, CEO of croit. He went on to say, “Our mission is to simplify complex technology and empower more organizations to harness the full potential of open-source storage without the need for extensive resources. With croit, we’re not just transforming data management; we’re revolutionizing the way organizations approach scalability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in the digital age.”

Additionally, croit for Ceph’s ability to distribute data across multiple data centers automatically ensures data integrity through immutable snapshots minimizing the need for secondary storage solutions. This innovative platform combines the distributed architecture of object storage with the capabilities of block and file storage.

ownCloud is an example of a content collaboration application with nearly infinite scale that can be hosted on croit for Ceph storage. ownCloud develops and provides open-source software for content collaboration, allowing teams to easily share and work on files seamlessly regardless of device or location. More than 200 million users worldwide already use ownCloud as an alternative to public clouds – and thereby opt for more digital sovereignty, security and data protection.

Business leaders, IT professionals, and organizations worldwide now have access to a transformative solution that can scale storage environments cost-effectively in the face of growing data demands, all while reducing budgets. croit for Ceph brings organizations the scalability, cost-efficiency, security, and performance of open-source storage, complete with management software, 24×7 support, and consulting services provided by Ceph experts who actively contribute to and maintain Ceph.

Embrace the Future of Open-Source Storage with croit and experience the transformative power of efficient, scalable, and cost-effective data management.

About Croit

croit GmbH was founded in January of 2017 by Martin Verges, Matthias Grandl and Paul Emmerich. The common goal was to bring the extensive knowledge of at the time more than 5 years of Ceph operation into a software solution, so that other companies and administrators are enabled to use Ceph stable and reliable.

Ceph itself is a development that was originally initiated by Sage Weil, and is now located in the Ceph Foundation. croit GmbH is a founding member of the Ceph Foundation and active member of the Ceph community.

As of now, the company is completely privately owned by Martin Verges, Matthias Grandl and Andy Muthmann. There are no dependencies on other companies, no debts and no outside capital. Thanks to a solid economy and year-over-year growth of over 100%, we are happy to keep it that way.

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