Marjan Has Released His Memoir “600 Devils” Which Explores The Author’s Extraordinary True-Life Story That Has Remained Hidden For More Than 40-Years

October 04 16:48 2023
Marjan Has Released His Memoir "600 Devils" Which Explores The Author’s Extraordinary True-Life Story That Has Remained Hidden For More Than 40-Years
Marjan overcame the lure of hallucinogens, while dodging conmen, gangsters and law enforcement. He became a pot dealer and worked his way into a position as a personal gopher for a world-class smuggler.

A 2023 International Book Awards Finalist.

Billings, Montana – October 4, 2023 – 600 Devils is so much more than a True Crime Story. Readers are drawn into a life of challenges interwoven with international intrigue, history, spiritual struggles and smuggling adventures. Marjan’s life irrevocably changes when he becomes an undercover operative for what he terms an “adjunct arm” of the U.S. government.

The author introduces readers to an ever-changing cast of characters ranging from drug lords to his heroic Uncle Aloyz, to questionable government officials to holy men, and high-ranking mafia. Readers travel the world with Marjan, from quiet tribal environments and jungle locations to sophisticated venues frequented by the controlling elite.

Marjan writes eloquently and from the heart, not sparing himself nor his readers from the horror of his and his family’s experiences. He shares insightful nuggets of wisdom learned by living life in the belly of the beast and observing man’s inhumanity to others. It is also the story of the author’s lifelong journey and search for truth, peace, and his ultimate redemption.

Movies never show an accurate portrayal of the day-to-day thoughts and experiences of a drug dealer. They are more concerned with attracting movie goers with action and romance. In contrast, some of the experiences Marjan shares are hair raising, thought provoking and sometimes fatal. 600 Devils is an exposé of an outlaw’s life, how it all got started and about some of the lucky few that escaped its grip.

A look at Reader Testimonials is very revealing about this book. This is what Jon W. Patterson had to say, “5 out of 5 stars” – “A MUST read of an amazing but true-life story. You won’t be able to put this down. 600 Devils will pull you into an amazing but true-life story which covers all the good and bad facets of a global life of crime and then the desperate search for redemption of the Author. It is James Bond, Jack Ryan and the Joker all wrapped into one. Every page pulls you deeper into the thrilling but unfulfilling life of crime and its consequences and the turmoil it brings.”

Janelle Jacobson, made these comments, “5 out of 5 stars” – “This book was a fascinating read & stirred up many emotions. The detail was amazing and the insight as well as the intellect of Marjan was impressive. He’s able to pull you right into the scenario and make you feel as though you’re not just reading a story of his life but actually experiencing it. What a journey! Thankful about the ending, a truth of Grace & Mercy at work.”

About The Author:

About the time he transitioned from being an emotionally disturbed teenager to a hardcore outlaw, Marjan began to view the material world as a temporary illusion crippled by human boundaries. His doleful attitude was further exasperated by the multitude of ideologies he discovered along the way. The deeper he probed the more confusing life became.

He tried to determine if the religions he encountered had been encouraged by celestial beings as some claimed, or merely shaped by the egocentric arrogance of the human intellect. Torn between the freewheeling lifestyle of a smuggler and being an austere spiritual seeker, there was a lot to sort out.

Marjan walked away from an outlaw life over 40 years ago. He moved his wife and five children into the Montana wilderness where he grew his own food and became an entrepreneur, co-founding and selling a number of businesses. Marjan is now retired and has a passion for helping others, writing, natural healing and watching his 18 grandchildren grow.

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